Senator Uba Sani

Tracereporters –The Kaduna Accountability Network has expressed dismay over alleged comments by the former Governor of Kaduna State, Mal Nasir Ahmed El Rufai, in which he wished for the eventual failure of the Administration of the State Governor, Senator Uba Sani.

The Network asserted this during a press conference addressed by Jabir Maiturare and Ayuba Sambo Isah, Chairman and Secretary of the Network, respectively, in Kaduna today.

The Network explained that the media report purportedly stemmed out of a viral video in which the former Governor and his cohorts were allegedly seen stuffing their guts, feasting, and belching in an audacious show of affluence, when the majority of the people of the State, that he governed with iron fist, are wallowing in hunger and penury is disappointing.

They opined that it is utterly reprehensible and irresponsible for someone accused and being probed of embezzling over 423 billion naira from the state treasury and leaving the citizens in poverty and debt, to shamelessly flaunt his lavish lifestyle together with his family and friends, on the common people.

The Network lamented that it is quite obvious to all, that El Rufai does not care about the poor people of Kaduna state who are now paying for the debt he allegedly diverted to himself and his cronies, adding that he might have deliberately chosen the auspicious occasion of the Eid-el-Kabir for his balderdash to insult the sensibility of the good people of the State.




“We are compelled, as patriotic citizens of Kaduna State, to express our utter disgust at the bloating and irresponsible utterances, allegedly made by Mal Nasir Ahmed El Rufai, the former Governor of the State, as reported by the media yesterday, in which he sarcastically wished for the eventual failure of his successor, Senator Uba Sani, the Governor of Kaduna State.”

“As stakeholders in the development of Kaduna, we cannot stand idle, while a man who should be held accountable for the missing 423,115,028,072.88 naira from our commonwealth attempts to undermine a government that represents the will of the people, and to continue take us for granted.”

“WE ARE CALLING on El Rufa’i, to keep quiet and quit this empty rhetoric and distractions. The people of Kaduna are wiser and can see through your tricks, antics, and distractions.”

“Nasir El Rufai should talk about the findings of the KDHA investigations in which his government was accused of reckless awards of contracts without due process, humongous withdrawals of cash both in Naira and Dollars with no records of utilization, multiplicity of abandoned projects for which billions of naira were paid to contractors for work not done, among many other findings.”

“The citizens of Kaduna are yearning for answers to these! WE ARE URGING the Anti-corruption Agencies to take prompt action on the report of the KDHA  for in-depth investigation and appropriate action to recover our commonwealth and prosecute anyone implicated.”

“We, the people of Kaduna state vow to remain united and vigilant until every kobo stolen from our state through a mafia-style gangsterism is returned to the people.”

“WE COMMEND Governor Uba Sani for his steadfastness in the face of the provocations by the former administration and its cronies.”

“Unlike Nasir El Rufai the Governor did not go about pulling down the properties and assets of people that differ with him or attack his government.”

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