Photo of Fintiri, Abbo at EYN Church Event

By Tom Garba

It was a hilarious moment, an exchange of pleasantries and laughter, joy by many people during an event of the Ekklisiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria (EYN) otherwise known as the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria’s (CBN) inauguration of newly elected officials in Kwarai, Mubi as they beheld the Governor of Adamawa State, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and His Brother and Political Friend, Senator Ishaku Abbo had hot hugs, shock hands warmly.

Fintiri and Abbo became the center of attraction to thousands of worshippers who admired their show of Love and reunion and who are known across the state as perceived political archenemies.

Before now, in building up to the 2019 general elections, Fintiri and Abbo were best of friends and the latter was a known fierce enemy of the then All Progressives Congress (APC) who fought the party tooth and nail as a Senatorial candidate (PDP) of the Adamawa Northern zone and supported the victory of the former in great measures.

Abbo was no doubt the warrior champion and one of the think tanks of the victory against the incumbent Governor who was the APC gubernatorial candidate, Senator Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindow.

Despite Bindow’s massive development in the state consider the watersheds achievements that Fintiri is building on in transforming Adamawa State now, the crack in the then APC gave Abbo and any strong supporter of Fintiri a leeway to oust Bindow.

Fintiri and Abbo fight became into the public domain when Abbo won the Senatorial seat and their fight was rumored because of how positions and appointments of the cabinet against Abbo were not well factored into the sharing Since then, their paths and political ways have not to crossed Again. They have never been seen in any public or private function this way.

They parted ways, Abbo pitched his tent in 2023 and fiercely worked against Fintiri and Fintiri worked with all his political assailants, asking them to deploy their deadly missiles of war against Abbo Never to return as a senator, but the conqueror Abbo returned and Fintiri the political Lion of Adamawa politics also returned.

The by and large of the whole scenario, their feud was characterized by media banters and rigmarole. To others was a public fanfare of two Elephants rocking the political ground. While to many others was a big shame that two political good friends and Brothers messing up a rare opportunity to thrive well in the political atmosphere of a cancerous state like Adamawa.

On the eve of the 2023 general elections, the cross carpeting of Abbo to APC was more of a battle line drawn, showing a red alert if any of the duo cross the deadly line of the political game.

Abbo worked wholeheartedly in the interest of APC and supported Senator Aishatu Ahmad Dahiru Binani, the sole candidate who gained the chance to own the gubernatorial ticket.

But the inauguration of the EYN’s Newly elected officials brought the two rivals into one tent and the two were in good mode to the surprise of many admirers.

One cannot tentatively say that the meeting of the two is a sign of great reunion and forgiveness has taken place because the Church in Adamawa State over the years through high-power delegations organized meetings that ended up in deadlocks to unite them.

The reaction of people suggests that it’s high time for the two to forgive their differences and forge ahead for a better Adamawa State if they truly have the state at heart. While to many it’s just a mere meeting that will never see light at the other end of the tunnel. The meeting will never see them united more so the two are in two different parties and Abbo will never agree to sheath his swords because of how Fintiri supported Senator Amos to get him out of office using a “court sponsored judge against him.” Abbo in many instances alluded that the judgment against him “was a cash and carry pronounced by a bought over Judges” for monetary gains.

To many others also, the EYN event that brought Abbo and Fintiri may not lead to a sincere peace pack agreement because Senator Abbo may be nursing ambition to return back to Senate in 2027, and Fintiri may likely resort to the same senate seat in 2027 while the Faith of Senator Amos may be hanging out in the space of uncertainty or at most it will be a swinging pendulum that can only be decided by political forces and chances.

For me, their unity will spur development for the state and their camaraderie will give the state a sense of peace and unity even if they remain in their respective parties.

A Journalist penned this from Bajabure, Yola-Jimeta Adamawa State

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