Governor of Adamawa state, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri

By Ahmed Babale Mirchaulum

This my Opinion highlights Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri’s significant efforts in reforming the education sector in Adamawa State, Nigeria.

Prior to Governor Fintiri’s administration, Adamawa State education system faced numerous challenges, including lack of funding, inadequate infrastructure, and high out-of-school children rates. Recognizing education’s crucial role in development, Governor Fintiri made it a top priority, implementing various initiatives with remarkable success.

A product of the public education system himself, Governor Fintiri understands its value firsthand. He holds degrees in History and Policy & Strategic Studies, demonstrating his commitment to knowledge and strategic thinking.No wonder, being educated, intelligent, vibrant and a grassroots politician who passed through the four walls of a university, he knows and appreciates the value of education in the socioeconomic development of the society.

He therefore not only identified education sector as a top priority of his administration as second to security, but also made education the centre-piece of his administration’s policies and programs; hence his decision to invest massively in the education sector in order to make Adamawa work again.
Key Initiatives and Achievements:

•Free Education: Eliminating financial barriers, the administration implemented free basic education across the state, significantly increasing enrollment.

•School Feeding Program: Reintroduced school feeding for boarding students, ensuring better nutrition and improved learning outcomes.

Teacher Support: Recruited 2,000 teachers, provided training, and increased the retirement age for science teachers, promoting teacher quality and retention.

Infrastructure Development: Launched construction of model nursery, primary, and junior secondary schools across all 21 local government areas, and comprehensive “mega” secondary schools in each senatorial district. This initiative addresses infrastructure needs and expands access to quality education.

Examinations and Scholarships: Covered WAEC/NECO fees for final year students and provided scholarships to tertiary students, easing financial burdens and promoting higher education attainment.
Technology Integration: Procured science equipment and mobile laboratories, enhancing STEM education and critical thinking skills.

University Development: Constructed lecture halls at Adamawa State University and approved the conversion of College of Legal Studies to a Faculty of Law, expanding facilities and academic offerings.
These initiatives have yielded impressive results:

√Improved educational quality
√Enhanced STEM education
√Increased access to education
√Promotion of equity and inclusion
√Infrastructure development
√Human capital development

Governor Fintiri’s 2024 budget prioritizes spreading development across Adamawa. He is committed to allocating over a billion Naira for projects in each of the 21 local government areas, including the construction of model and mega schools. This move reflects his dedication to fulfilling campaign promises and fostering a sense of inclusion beyond the state capital.
However, some argue for prioritizing the rehabilitation of existing schools and skill vocational centers. While acknowledging this concern, it’s important to highlight that the Governor has already implemented well-designed approaches for these areas. The new projects aim to further expand access to quality education and equip young people with essential skills, ultimately contributing to Adamawa State long-term development.

It can be observed that Governor Fintiri’s approach focuses on a dual track: maintaining existing school infrastructure while concurrently constructing new ones based on needs and distribution. This ensures immediate improvements while expanding capacity for the future. Additionally, the state actively recruits new teachers and provides ongoing training for existing ones, aiming to enhance their quality, and welfare, and ultimately increase student enrollment and tackle the issue of out-of-school children.

Governor Fintiri’s work has garnered national recognition, including the “Best Governor on Educational Development” award from Business Day Newspaper.
This comprehensive approach to education reform is transforming Adamawa State’s educational landscape. By investing in infrastructure, teachers, technology, and accessibility, Governor Fintiri is laying the foundation for a brighter future for the state’s children and its overall development.

Babale writes this Opinion from Guyuk, Guyuk LGA, Adamawa State
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