Tracereporters –The leadership of National Democratic Coalition, NADECO USA is excited to inform you of a strategic initiative aimed at fortifying and repositioning our organization in the ongoing fight for the enthronement of true democracy and good governance in Nigeria.
After careful consideration and planning, we are implementing significant changes to our organizational structure, operations, and positions. This restructuring is designed to enhance our effectiveness, agility, and impact as we work towards our shared goal of fostering democratic values in Nigeria.
In light of the above, Professor Mondy Gold will now sit as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Professor Mondy Gold is an indigene of Delta State, from the South-South Geo Political Zone Of Nigeria, from the Ijaw tribe.
His outstanding wealth of experience in both the private and public sectors will consolidate and further strengthen NADECO USA to attain its primary goal of deepening democracy in Nigeria. He is a seasoned Professor of Business and Accounting Studies in one of the great citadels of learning in the United States of America. His unparalleled leadership quality is a testament to the power of courage, determination, knowledge and community engagement. Also, his dedication to community service and development is clearly evident in his involvement in various organizations’ boards, including the ENNUI New York, the African Diaspora for Good Governance, and the Ijaw Diaspora Council in the United States of America.
Dr. Omotayo Ale has received a prestigious nomination to serve as the Vice Chairman of NADECO USA’s Board of Trustees. Originating from Ikale in Ondo State, situated within the South-West Geo-Political Zone, Dr. Ale brings with him a wealth of knowledge and dedication to the organization. His acceptance of this significant role underscores his commitment to the ideals and objectives of NADECO USA, contributing to the continued success and impact of the organization.
Dr. Ale is a Yoruba man by tribe and currently the Bobagunwa of Ode Omi in Ikale, Ondo State. He has over 17 years of experience in broadcast journalism. He is a member of the Nigeria Union of Journalists. He obtained a doctorate degree in Health Care Management/Administration. He is also a Certified Health Care Administrator, CHAP.  A community leader and grassroot mobilizer.  He is currently the Secretary of Ikale World Congress, USA.
In the same vein, Comrade Patience Williams Alaku has been elevated to occupy the highly exalted office of the General Secretary of NADECO USA. She is duly empowered to run the Secretariat as a team leader and she will be the live wire of the organization. She hails from Eggon local government area of Nasarawa state (North Central geo-political zone of Nigeria). Also, she is Eggon by tribe. According to Comrade Patience Williams Alaku, her new role as the substantive secretary of NADECO USA is, “A journey from Akwanga (her small community) to empowerment.”
She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater Art and a Master’s Degree in Media Art. She worked at the National Film and Video Censors Board and also at the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority. Her professional development spans more than a decade in both the art industry and public sector in Nigeria. A leap across the ocean and in her aspiration to embrace the spirit of adventure, she set her sight on the United States where she took on a role at KPMG (contingent) as an IT Auditor. She is now an IT expert working in the IT industry.
Other distinguished members of NADECO USA’s Board of Trustees are as follows:
Dr. Lloyd Ukwu, the Executive Director of NADECO USA, hails from the South-South Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria and is renowned as one of the founding fathers of NADECO. His pivotal role in ousting the military Junta after the annulment of the June 12th, 1993, presidential election has left an indelible mark on Nigerian history. Based in Washington DC, USA, Dr. Ukwu is a distinguished lawyer with a career spanning more than four decades, devoted to human rights activism. A true patriot and nationalist, he proudly represents River State and has formed a cross-cultural alliance by marrying Mrs. Yetunde Ukwu, a Yoruba pharmacist in Washington DC, USA. Dr. Lloyd Ukwu’s tribal identity is rooted in his Ijaw heritage, contributing significantly to the broader narrative of Nigerian democracy.
Comrade David Adeyinka Adenekan, representing the South-West Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria, serves as the Editor of Shekinah International Magazine and is a seasoned media expert. With over three decades of dedicated human rights activism, he holds a prominent position as a Chieftain of Afenifere and serves as the spokesperson for NADECO USA. Currently residing in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Comrade Adenekan is a steadfast advocate for justice and freedom and he is from the Yoruba man by tribe.
Dr. Chiedu Okocha, originally from Onicha Ugbo in Delta State within the South-South Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria, is a respected Medical Doctor now residing in North Carolina, USA. His commitment to healthcare and well-being extends across borders, reflecting a dedication to his profession and community.
Dr. James O. Okoroafor, representing the South-East Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria, is a legal professional and holds the position of Co-Chair of the Legal Directorate of NADECO USA’s Board of Trustees. Currently residing in Houston, Texas, USA, Dr. Okoroafor’s legal expertise contributes significantly to the organization’s mission and objectives.
Chuma James Okeke, hailing from the South-East Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria, assumes the role of Secretary and Director of Communications on NADECO USA’s Board of Trustees. His residence in Maryland, USA, underscores his commitment to the cause and effective communication within the organization.
Odudu Okpongete, residing in Maryland, USA, represents the South-South Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria, contributing to the broader efforts of NADECO USA.
Chief Benjamin Omili, representing the South-South Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria, stands as a notable figure within the organization.
Mr. Emmanuel Isah Ogebe, an International Human Rights lawyer practicing in Virginia, USA, brings his expertise to NADECO USA as the Co-Chair of the Legal Directorate. Originally from Benue State in the North Central Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria, Mr. Ogebe is a dedicated advocate for justice and human rights.
Mr. Oye Fasakin, representing the South-West Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria, resides in Florida, USA, actively contributing to the objectives of NADECO USA.
Gloria Princess Okolie-Fritz, representing the South-South Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria, resides in Germany, emphasizing the international reach and influence of NADECO.
Barr. Nnenna Mma Lancaster, representing the South-East Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria, resides in London, contributing to the global presence and advocacy efforts of NADECO.
Comrade David Adenekan,
Spokesperson for NADECO USA

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