Media specialist of Search for common ground Temisan Etietsola during his presentation
By Lola Seriki-Idahosa, Kaduna
Tracereporters –An International Non-Governmental Organisation “NGO” with offices in Nigeria is currently training over twenty five journalists from Jos and kaduna on conflict Sensitive reporting within the framework of common ground approach in the context of freedom of religion and belief in Nigeria.
The 3-day training holding in Kaduna Northwest, at the Review Restland hotel, with different papers presentations, which includes Understand the concept of the common ground approach in the context of freedom of religion and belief, Identify strategies for promoting understanding and dialogue among different religious and belief communities,
Activities of day one are common ground approach, principles and beliefs, strategies for fostering, understanding and dialogue, role of media in promoting religious tolerance, perspectives and perception, understanding conflict and violence, life lived experiences Vs social hostility.
Apply a common ground perspective to their reporting to foster tolerance and mutual respect, Recognise the role of media shaping a more inclusive and harmonious public discourse, to define and understand conflict in the context of freedom of religion and belief, to understand the types and causes of conflict especially as related to freedom of religion and belief,
Media specialist of Search for common ground Temisan Etietsola further explained that it uses innovative approaches in fostering understanding and peace across ethnic, religious and gender lines in areas of tension.
He described the media as valued stakeholder in its ongoing efforts to promote peace building and religious acceptance in Nigeria.
Search for common ground understands the immense power that media holds, and believes that with the right knowledge and training, journalists can play a vital role in promoting tolerance, respect, and understanding”.
Temisan also stated that in line with its mission, it is currently implementing a project aimed at promoting and protecting freedom of religion and belief (PP-FORB), and addressing potential conflict issues related to religious tolerance and tensions in Nigeria.
“Over 36 months, our goal is to empower actors to prevent and address conflicts along religious lines, establish effective Early Warning/Early Response (EWER) and referral mechanisms for addressing FORB violations and violence, strengthen support mechanisms for individuals at risk of FORB violations, and enhance public understanding of interfaith conflict and the importance of religious freedom”.
The Common Ground Approach catalyzes collaborative solutions, by enabling people to understand their differences and act together on shared interests to achieve a win-win outcome.
The Common Ground Approach brings people together across dividing lines to discover common interests and achieve collaborative solutions.

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