IPPS: Groups Blast Petitioners for Peddling False Report Against UBRBDA Finance Assistant Director

By Tom Garba, Yola

Integrity Watch International in Collaboration with Adamawa Concerned Citizens have blasted Mr Habib Garba and Mr Amos Douglas for written unsubstantiated petitions against Mr Abubakar Tela Suleima, Tambarin Mubi for breaking through Integrated Payroll Personal Information System (IPPS) to enrich himself and many others.

The Integrity Integrity watch international is a non profit organization that tracks and monitors the conduct, activities and performance of highly placed public servants who are entrusted with enormous public, social and community responsibility in their country of origin have investigated we’ll the claims of Douglas and Habib and found it baseless, criminal and unsubstantiated their petitions against Tela who is an Assistant Director of Finance in Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority (UBRBDA).

The group which has its corporate office in Borno, North East Nigeria’s Geo-Political Region have blasted the duo collaborators and referred them as stooges and messengers of senior culpable private and government individuals who have defiled public trust.

The groups in a statement jointly signed by Husseini Gambo Bello (Chairman adamawa concerned citizens) and Abdullahi Adamu (Adamawa representative Integrity watch international) their main aim is to defend the collective interest of the masses and therefore called on the general public to disregard the sponsor petitions because it lacks substance.

“Integrity Watch International is realistically venturing to defend Mr. Abubakar Tela Suleiman against the unjust, unreasonable and unwarranted petition that was submitted to various agencies by Mr. Habib Garba and Amos Douglas.

“The petitioners should have been aware that the “Integrated Payroll Personal Information System (IPPS)” that was introduced, by the previous government of President Mohammadu Buhari is, centrally controlled in Abuja and no one can break into the data system from a ministry or parastatal and engage in Fraudulent activities.

“Therefore there is no way anybody from Yola could temper or influence any payment except if the petitioners are questioning the integrity of the President or Minister of Finance.

“The attempt to drag Mr. Abubakar Tela Suleiman down by Habib Garba and Amos Douglaus is a wicked plan to destroy the Fabrics of his commendable efforts and commitment in public service as an Assistant Director Finance and Immense Developmental strides in community related activities that have impacted so much in Adamawa and the region as a whole.

“This appreciable efforts has endeared him to receive numerous traditional titles from his immediate traditional ruler as Talban Belel and Tambari Mubi all approved by the His Excellency the Governor of Adamawa State and highly respected Emir of Mubi.

“There is no doubt that having a credible personality like Mr. Suleiman Tela Abubakar would bring massive sympathy and human development to the state and region, this is attributed to the fact that Mr. Suleiman Tela Abubakar is confirmed to be highly de-tribalized and beyond religious limitations of any sorts.
Finally we call on the petitioners to recall their unwarranted and unsolicited petition and issue a public apology to Mr. Suleiman Tela Abubakar so that his constituents would experience relieve to the grueling misadventure.

“We also call on Mr. Suleiman Tela Abubakar to concentrate on his work schedule and always remember that Adamawa people are fully behind him to achieve his aims in life.” The statement read

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