IPPS Salaries alleged corruption in Yola UBRBDA: In Defence of Suleiman, Finance Assistant Director

By :Damian Robert

Weeks ago both conventional and online media organizations were so much agog propagating a sponsored narrative to dent the image of Mr. Abubakar Tela Suleiman, an Assistant Payroll Personnel Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority (UBRBDA) to have used the Integrated payroll personnel Information System (IPPS) and defrauded staffs of the organization from their salary accounts.

It beat my imagination to come to terms with this unimaginable fake and cooked-up story of the fact that an integrated payroll system can be manipulated by one Man who is far away from the database and breakthrough the salaries payment system to enrich himself and others.

May I inform Habib Garba and Amos Douglas as the petitioners hired to embark on a long voyage of unprofitable venture that the introduction of IPPS is to stop illegal government spending payment of undue salaries, and illegal deductions and control the financial system of government through an automated system as one of the reasons it was established?

That is why your petitions to all Anti-graft agencies like the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offenses Commission (ICPC), your petition to the Auditor General office, and the one to the Ministry of Water Resources on 21st January 2022 could not get headway. I see your actions as a brainwashed wisdom of the belief that the best form of defense is to Launch an attack to cover many of your sins soon to be in the public domain.

I studied your petitions which centered on <strong>”massive fraud and abuse of office orchestrated in the Integrated payroll personnel Information System by Abubakar Suleiman, the Assistant Director Finance of the Upper Benue River Basin Development Authority Yola, Adamawa State on the 9th February 2023″</strong>. A journey of about eight months to pin down Abubakar is not possible but left me to ask you guys an obvious question. Why is it that the EFCC, the ICPC, the Minister, the Permanent Secretary, the Auditor General, and the entire Ministry of Water Resources reports could not find him guilty after many of your baseless petitions were submitted?

I’m compelled to write in defense of Abubakar who over the years he chosen to remain silent and allow God and natural justice to take its full course. I see him as a perfect and honest gentleman to remains a silent warrior. I’m very sure the Assistant Director has all that it takes to reply to you in defense and to fight back to clear his name you are dragging into the mud. Despite your gang-up and the show of hatred to cover the mess you all committed, the investigation committee of the Ministry of Water Resources formed a committee to investigate the matter and found him guiltless. If they do, why is the Assistant Director despite your attacks to smear him black, the EFCC, ICPC, and all the places and those you have sent your petitions have discharged and acquitted him of all crimes? It should be done on you that you are fighting a lost battle and be sure that Kama is watching with a disgusted eye to fight back in defense because is a witch.

May I also tell Douglas and Habib that the court of public opinion has equally found Suleiman innocent of your frivolous allegations? Which is why I’m defending him and I want to clear his name from all the mess you have instituted against him. You have taken too long on the wrong person, please watch back at the four fingers pointing at you, I’m sure it is an accusation of your hiding crimes to be unearthed soon.

I know of a time in many organizations when there was a mistake in salary payment through an IPPS, some were overpaid while many others were underpaid and vouchers were raised by upright accountants and returned mopped-up money to the government treasury. Maybe my gullible petitioners were unable to question whether Suleiman was able to return money if there were lapses of payment through the IPPS emanating from his office. One thing I know and am very sure off, no one can stand the fight of siphoning government money to enrich himself and still be roaming the streets of Yola unarrested after all forms of petitions against him. I can say that Suleiman has passed the integrity test of a corrupt Government official. With your petitions, I believe the DSS, the ICPC, and EFCC have unknown to you invited him and cleared his name over the petitions you are sponsoring and padding around the world of media.

His silence not replying to your foul petitions is wisdom and I commend him for such a humane maturity. I call you to leave him alone and find your troubles elsewhere, I’m very sure soon, and very soon you too will meet your Waterloo of servants with unfaithful stewardship. He who laughs last will certainly laugh the best, in all these, Suleiman will laugh last. He will keep seeing him going high because I found out from all records that your attacks are a mere defense to shield your one thousand and one sins. Tell your sponsors that he is pure as a crystal, he is innocent of all your petty petitions.

In my last note, let me reiterate that the court of public opinion has vindicated Suleiman, hence my confidence to put this opinion for record sake. He has proven beyond reasonable doubt is a leader and can not stoop too low in replying to you over baseless issues. But he earned the respect of the public and I found it a duty to write on his defense that you have succeeded in wasting your time, killing your moral guard by losing your entire respect to the general public. Nobody can buy your word for a penny in this battle you were hired to do. You lost it all through, you have all disgraced yourselves and he won it over you because of his decision not to reply to you.

As a professional accountant, I can say that Suleiman has kept one of the cleanness records since the history of Yola UBRBDA. Otherwise, your petition would long booted him out of office and behind bars to serve a jail term.

Look elsewhere on who to fight Please, Suleiman has gone far to become what Destiny is calling him to become take it or leave, He is certainly going to be under whatever guise of attacks your taskmasters and those you lick their boots are directing you to do. “The head that destined to wear the golden crown, must one day wear it. ” It is not in your petitions but in what the destiny lies ahead for him.


No too long, I’m sure the truth shall unravel itself, there shall be Justice in both Natural and Divine laws between you and him who is in the part of Justice.

Abubakar Suleiman Tela, God is with you, the people are with you and the natural justice is a jury and judge to disgrace your enemy.

Damian Robert is a public affairs analyst
He wrote from No. 22 Lere Drive Ungwan Rimi Kaduna, Kaduna State

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