Governor of Adamawa state, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri

By Tom Garba

This is his second term, the second hundred days terms of his administration. These are successful stories and tales that Adamawa State has taken the lead, the state have join the league of Nigerian states with progressives records. Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri’s two term in office is a consolidation of work done in every parts of the state.

I’m personally celebrating his second term 100 days in office, a continuation of his last hundreds days, he has recorded a watershed achievements, a remarkable development to the people of Adamawa state. I’m one of this government arch critic, critical of the policies I consider anti people. When compare his last hundred days (2019) and this term (2023) hundreds days, it’s evident to say that Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has gained the record breaker award of performance as the best Governor of Adamawa State.

I’m not the only one that can testify to this, his continued gaining support and loyalty to his government and policies, from our own end as members of the private sector, public service, civil society organizations and actors, observers in the international community it is a story to tell that Adamawa state is wearing a new look and superb beauty under the Fintiri’s led administration.

I can recall his campaigns days in 2015, he rigorously visited the knocks and crannies of the state promised them liberation which is suffering from the crutches and hangers of under development. Living by his words, Adamawa now is a touch of beauty, a touch of development in all the 21 Local Government areas.

Sir, in your first term, you have placed the state in the threshold of development that it became a path that all must follow else coming Governors will not survive the terrain and their policies will be consider a violation of humanity laws and provision of human needs.

In this his second term tenure he has silence political jobbers in the name of opposition and even the naysayers, opponents, opportunists and enemies of Adamawa state have come to term with reality that a doing and performing Governor is on 24 hours work duty. No wonder the state is infiltrated with beehives activities of construction companies like Triacta and others.

In the dynamic realm of leadership, where time matches on with unyielding swiftness, the Governor Rt Hon Fintiri assumed the mantle of leadership with unwavering determination and a resolute commitment to propel the state towards boundless progress. Like a sprinter at the starting blocks of a race, he wasted no precious moments. The physical infrastructure in place (Bridges, schools and Roads constructions, Hospital constructions, the new Government House under construction, housing units, culverts etc) are glaring even to the feeling of blinds and dumps that a new government with the masses agenda is working.

The inherent brevity in this giant of work Governor, Fintiri in working synergy has a good working team his assembled commissioners and a cabinet that is offering solution to the needs of all citizens. The Lawmakers under the leadership of Rt Hon Bathiya Wesley is a hallow team of progressives members working in tandem with the Governor’s dream of a new Adamawa state is a dawn of a new era to the entire state.

What sets Governor Fintiri apart and unique with all previous government is his high level of confidence he has for the state’s civil servants. He believe that the civil servants are the state’s engine room and are the pivots revenue generation entity. For this he valued and never treat them with laxity hands. He implemented new salary structures for them, promoted all deserving workers and ensure everyone of them is benefitting from the government’s coffers of resources. His prompt monthly salaries payment on or before 25th has remained an invisible law as far as his government is concerned.

Fintiri’s purpose in government extends far beyond the allure of influence and political privilege; it is deeply rooted in a fervent desire to build upon the solid foundation laid by his immediate predecessor, Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, while also weaving his own distinctive tapestry of innovations that will stand as a testament to his time in office. In a landscape often marred by the unfortunate practice of new governments discarding the pearls of wisdom and progress initiated by their predecessors

Fintiri remains a Governor who is standing in the beacon of progressive and development continuity of the past administrations in Adamawa state. He keyed into the great ideas of the past legacies and transformative projects of while unfurling his visionary agenda for the accelerated development of Adamawa State. This exceptional commitment to harnessing the best of both worlds ensures that the state’s progress remains uninterrupted.

In his pursuit of unprecedented growth and prosperity, the Governor’s commitment to forming strategic partnerships and attracting foreign direct investments became a linchpin of his strategy. His proactive approach was evident in meetings with foreign agencies and organizations.

Governor Fintiri’s second term in office is no doubt a consolidation of progress, development and focused in renewing hope to the less privileged that the son of a nobody can be proud of becoming somebody in a near future as he has invested so much in education thereby international scholarship are given to students from various local government to study courses like Engineering, Medicine and surgery, Aeronautic and aerospace management.

To the entire North, Adamawa Governor is star, shining glorious in the horizon of beauty. He has in him wisdom, ideas and knowledge to deliver on the desires of people. He is one of the Governor rising the hopes of Nigerians that one day the leadership of this nation will be rested upon the shoulders of Youths.

Under Fintiri, Adamawa is on the running way of growth and development. A new state is recreated out of the seeming impossibilities that “it is business as usual. ” For those asking question can there be something good coming out of Nazareth? (Adamawa). The doubting Thomases are now the town criers, shouting the “Come and see what Fintiri has done” and what he will still do.

From me congratulations to all Adamawa Sons and Daughters. Count on my support your Excellency.

Tom Garba is a Journalist, a political analyst, and an opinion writer. He writes from Yola-Adamawa State, and he can be reached through these means:

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