Health: Kaduna State Govt Allocates N3b For PHC Centers 
By Lola Seriki-Idahosa, Kaduna
Tracereporters –The Kaduna State Government has set aside approximately three billion naira to procure advanced medical equipment for 290 primary healthcare centers situated in the 255 wards across the state.
The state Governor, Senator Uba Sani announced on Wednesday at the official ceremony where the State Government, through the Kaduna State Health Supplies Management Authority (KADHSMA), launched the distribution of medical equipment to primary health centers in Kakuri, Kaduna.
In a press statement Signed by
Muhammad Lawal Shehu
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor on 30th August, 2023 and made available to Tracereporters in Kaduna, said during the event, the Governor emphasized the government’s commitment to expanding access to quality healthcare, stating that it is a fundamental human right, not a luxury. He assured Kaduna residents that the administration is committed to ensuring their rights are upheld.
He further disclosed that the Government aims to ensure that no individual would need to travel more than a kilometer from their residence to access a primary healthcare center.
“We aim to establish an additional center in each ward, resulting in approximately six hundred (600) centers throughout the state, all equipped to meet standard requirements. This initiative aligns with our steadfast commitment to strengthening healthcare delivery. It marks a significant step towards equipping our primary healthcare system with the necessary tools to provide our people with the highest level of medical care,” he proclaimed.
Governor Sani explained that the Kaduna State Government, with its resilient population of approximately 10.2 million individuals, is committed to providing accessible, efficient, and quality healthcare services to the residents of the State.
“As we stand at the forefront of progress, we acknowledge the crucial role that primary healthcare plays in ensuring the well-being of our citizens. These centers, strategically located across our 255 wards, serve as the first line of defence against illnesses and diseases that could affect any one of us.”
“The distribution of this state-of-the-art medical equipment to our primary healthcare centers underscores our commitment to creating a healthcare system that leaves no one behind,” remarked Governor Sani.
The Governor emphasized the administration’s plan to equip health workers with the necessary tools for making informed decisions, delivering accurate diagnoses, and administering effective treatments.
“To our healthcare workers, your dedication and service do not go unnoticed. You are the heart and soul of our healthcare system. These investments are a testament to our faith in your abilities.”
Governor Sani expressed his appreciation for the support and collaboration received from both the public and private sectors in turning this vision into a reality. He stated that their partnership is a clear example of how collective action can lead to sustainable development.

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