Tinubu: Northerners are Covenant Keepers- Pro APC Group Replies Ayo, Yoruba Factional Leader

…. Says despite insecurity threats there is still hope for Nigeria

Yola..Tracereporters –During a two day Round Table Dialogue to Explores Path to Peaceful Coexistence in Northern Nigeria, Arewa New Agenda (ANA) has been tasked to organize a national Day for forgiveness and reconciliation.

The called was made by representatives from diverse ethnic councils, including the Yoruba Community Council, South-South Peoples Forum, Fulbe United for Peace and Development, and Igbo Delegate Assembly where they engaged in candid discussions during the session.

The round table, chaired by Senator Ahmed Abubakar MoAllahyidi, ANA Convener and was graced by notable figures, including National Secretary of the APC Senator Basiru Ajibola, represented by Senator Yunus Akintunde and extensively discussed on “Tranquility Through Ethno-Religious Tolerance & Peaceful Coexistence,”

The event which was aimed to foster unity and understanding among the various ethnic groups in the region, participants responded a continuing dialogue, advocacy, and sensitization efforts will help to address communal conflicts.

Collaborating with like-minded groups to promote tranquility in northern Nigeria and the nation at large ams revisiting the national Almajiri educational program through the ZUBEC model were some of the responses of the participants.

“Encouraging State Governments to create secure environments for all ethnic groups residing in northern Nigeria. And Proposing a National Day of Forgiveness and Reconciliation, in collaboration with government and community leaders.

“Promoting inclusivity in State Governments to reflect the contributions of ethnic communities, establishing inter-faith commissions at the state level to manage ethnic and religious matters. And Reorienting the national orientation agency to actively promote messages of peace in schools.

“Exploring the establishment of a national livestock commission to manage livestock issues and its value chain and urging ethno-religious leaders to educate their followers about respecting cultures and religions.” participants responded

They shared their concerns, reminiscing about a time when peaceful coexistence was the hallmark of northern Nigeria, questing for tranquility through ethno-religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

Peace and Unity was the center stage during the two-day round table dialogue held at the International Conference Center in Abuja which was organized by ANA and brought together prominent leaders from diverse ethnic communities across northern Nigeria to address the pressing issue of escalating violence and unrest.

The worried how the northern Nigeria has been plagued by relentless violent attacks, primarily attributed to extremist sects such as Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) and Boko Haram.

According to them the attacks have cast a shadow over the region, leaving communities grappling with fear and uncertainty.

It is one of reason that ANA take a bold effort to address the growing menace and initiated the round table dialogue, seeking input from key stakeholders within the northern Nigerian communities.

The participants are however hopeful that the region can reclaim its past glory of harmony and unity. The session yielded a series of resolutions aimed at forging a brighter future for the northern Nigerian states and the entire nation. Some of the key resolutions included:

“The collective acknowledgment of the opportunity to rebuild the social fabric of unity and brotherhood in Nigeria. And Recognition and appreciation for the efforts of the Arewa New Agenda in promoting dialogue among diverse communities.

“Acknowledgment and appreciation for the work of ethnic community leaders and individuals in fostering tolerance and coexistence. And Identification of factors obstructing peaceful coexistence, such as lack of cultural respect, absence of inclusive governance, and inadequate understanding of cultural values.”

The round table concluded with a collective call for the restoration of history education in schools and a renewed commitment to fostering unity and peace across the nation.

And the event signatories were Senator Ahmad Abubakr MoAllahyidi, Mr. Mike Iyangudo, Chief Chikezie Nwogu, Mr. Abdulrazaq Mustapha, and Ardo Aliyu Liman Bobboi, as northern Nigeria navigates its path towards a more harmonious future, the outcomes of this significant round table dialogue hold the promise of renewed hope and progress for the region and the nation as a whole.

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