Political and Social Analyst, Comrade Daniel Ejembi, Peter Obi Presidential Global Network (PPGN) with his other comrade
By Lola Seriki-Idahosa, Kaduna
Tracereporters –Political and Social Analyst, Comrade Daniel Ejembi, Peter Obi Presidential Global Network (PPGN) has fault President Bola Ahmed Tinubu Ministerial nominees, saying that 85% of the nominees has questionable character.
Addressing Press Men, with title ‘Recyling Corruption in Nigeria and Judiciary Direction’ Comrade Daniel Ejembi said he has been watching the list of the ministerial nominees and his heart is pained and heavy.
According to Comrade Daniel Ejembi “With so much pain in my heart in this point, is very necessary for us to voice out our mind on the recycling of corruption in this Renewed Hope slogan of the APC. I can categorically call it Renewed Corruption and Poverty. It might surprise you to know that there are no more middle class in Nigeria, is either you are rich or poor”.
“I have been watching the list of the ministerial nominees and my heart is pained and heavy, 85% of the nominees has questionable character of corruption, integrity and certificate forgery. Some even graduated from school b4 they were born, and some were even born in 1980 and wrote their WAEC in 1989 what a shame. One of them got 2 credit, now you began to wonder how he got admission into High Institution.
“We were all informed that judiciary is the hope of a common man. Well,
they Will need to prove that to us in this election tribunal cases that are ongoing presently.
“The Court judgement would clarify so many things for Nigeria youths to know the kind of offences that are permitted and those that are allowed by answering the following questions:
* Is forgery of certificate, age and name allowed by law?
* They need to explain to the unemployed youths if dealing on hard drugs or narcotic is permitted by law?
* Judiciary should explain to Nigerian youths if it is possible for one to have a dual citizenship and lied under oath that he does not have?
* They should let us know if violating the Nigeria’s constitution or electoral guide lines is no longer an offense, so that people will know they can go scott free if they breach laws?
“If all these questions are not properly answered, then some of our youths will not need to go to school to have certificate rather they can go to a nearby cafe to forge one.
“In this case we would not only grab it, snatch it and runaway with it, but we would collect it, use it , and we move from consumption to production.
We are waiting for our judiciary to show us the direction .

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