President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Tracereporters –To balance the political difference, A group under the auspices of democracy and Good Governance (DGG) has cried out the undue exclusion of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Christian politicians in Adamawa State.

The group issued a statement condemning the unfairness of the stakeholders who bend to bring a Muslim to be part of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s cabinet as a minister.

The statement which was co-signed by Mr Abraham Pwamadda as the Chairman and Aminu Idris as the secretary said it is glaring that the APC stakeholders have decided to exclude Christians in Tinubu’s line of administration

In their statement, DGG revealed how Christians in APC were used to go on massive propaganda against the Muslim Muslim ticket and were called blackmailers, anti-Christ, and enemies of the church by their fellow Christians.

But now that party is sitting at its sharing table are not seeing the need to include a Christian among those that will support Tinubu to work for Nigeria.

They used Taraba as a case study of the party’s decision to balance up appointments on religious grounds despite Emmanuel Bwacha, David Sabo Kante, and the rest of the party were not picked but go for a Muslim APC Man, Sani Danladi (Contact) in the name balancing the political imbalance.

They urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to apply the same method in balancing the ministerial appointment with any Christian politician in APC, or else the party will be regarded as a political party with Islamic agenda.

DGG said it becomes a point of call and duty to all critical stakeholders to make APC a party for all Nigeria irrespective of religion, ethnic group and region one belongs.

They opined that if a Christian is not appointed by Tinubu to fill in the Adamawa Ministerial slot, the party should forget about taking over the state from PDP.

“They used Christians in the party to suppress Alhaji Atiku Abubakar’s votes even as a strong opponent of Tinubu in the state of his origin.

“But glaring plans to exclude Christians in the party is a call for a clarion call to the president to be wise and handle with uttermost care who becomes the next Minister from Adamawa state because the exclusion of Christians in the party may cause for national crisis that may not go well With all Party members

“All we are saying is fairness treatment, inclusion, and carrying everyone in the party along as the broom we are all bounded together as the unity and strength we are preaching all the time.

The NSA is a Fulani Muslim from the Central zone, it is ideal to look elsewhere to include all segments of the party formation in the interest of unity, peace, and progress. ” The statement read.

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