NAHCON Concludes Post HAJJ Journey, Holds First Meeting for 2023 HAJJ 

Recently, Independent Hajj Reporters released a public statement urging NAHCON and State Muslim Pilgrims Boards to immediately activate the process of registering intending pilgrims that wish to participate in the next year Hajj.

The statement signed by the National Coordinator Independent Hajj Reporters Ibrahim Muhammed calls on the early release of the 2024 Hajj calendar by the Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah – detailing the allotted date for each major preparatory event preceding the 2024 Hajj days.

In reaction, some critical hajj stakeholders commended IHR for the timely reminder of the ‘potentially difficult’ situation NAHCON and States Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Boards may find themselves in in 2024 if they failed to immediately begin the preparations for the 2024 hajj.

Thereafter, Pakistan, Kuwait, and Indonesia swung into 2024 hajj preparations citing the early release of the hajj calendar. Nigeria’s case is more dangerous because of the ‘cash and go’ yearly policy we operate. It is only in Nigeria intending pilgrims will pay for Hajj registrations after the commencement of the Hajj airlift.

“We should note that the 2024 hajj is going to be extremely challenging especially if Nigeria maintained its 95,000-hajj quota”.

“The political/administrative structure in Nigeria inhibits the easy flow of implementation of hajj plans – coupled with incompetent and mostly politically convenient ‘trial-by-error’ hajj administrators. The call for early preparations becomes more expedient to avoid multiple service failures in the 2024 hajj”.

“Timely actions minimised errors and gave room for proper review”.

“For example, If NAHCON directs States Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board to commence registration of pilgrims today, it will take a minimum of 30 days for states to comply as they will have to request approval from their respective Governors before they can start the registration. Remove 30 days from the Saudi Ministry of Hajj 2024 calendar of events and see the challenge of time”.

“Interestingly, Saudi Arabia has since begun to ‘work the plan’, with the committee in charge of pilgrims’ accommodation in the city of Medina commencing registration for permits for houses that will be used to accommodate pilgrims in 2024”.

“More importantly, The Minister of Hajj has made it very clear that “The country that concludes early contracts will be given the priority in taking the appropriate places at the holy places” .

“There is an urgent need to appraise the Saudi Ministry of Hajj calendar of events, match it with the reality of times and come up with a blueprint. Essentially, Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation, there is sure to be a failure of service delivery next year”.

“More importantly, the ‘poor services’ experienced by virtually all hajj participating countries in this year’s hajj was primarily a result of the challenge in ‘planning and execution of hajj policies that comes with little or no time to ‘test run’ operational manuals before airlift began”

“The preparatory meeting with hajj participating countries for 2024 hajj is expected to be held on September 16, 2023, and also, the electronic track would open for data entry, and the list of licensed companies that will serve pilgrims would be published”.

“More importantly, the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) will activate the financial portfolio of the electronic track for airlines”.

“NAHCON has less than 60 days to prepare for this all-important meeting. Can NAHCON end the airlift in 15 days, return home and summon post stakeholders meeting to prepare for this important meeting? “.

“Can NAHCON seal a pre-hajj airlift contractual agreement with a potential 2024 Hajj carrier in 60 days? Can the local airlines meet up with the new times table? The race is on”.

“November 4 2023 (in 4 months)

“On this date, the preparatory meetings will be completed and service packages will be made available on Rabi Al-Thani 20, 1445AH, corresponding to November 4, 2023. Thereafter, the Hajj and Umrah service will be launched”

February 25, 2024 (in 7 months)

“The minister said that the allotment process of pilgrims’ accommodation in Makkah and Madinah and the Holy Sites would be finalized by Shaban 15, 1445AH, corresponding to February 25, 2024. In 8 months from now, NAHCON and States Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Boards must finalize all accommodation contracts for the 2024 hajj exercise. A tall order.

1st of March to April 29, 2024 (in 8 months)

The announcements that the processing of visas will begin on 1st March and close on April 29, 2024, should ordinarily create operational panic in NAHCON. Timely Processing of visas has been a major challenge leading to some pilgrims missing out during the 2022 hajj. Now,

NAHCON has less than 8 months to collate all funds from 2024 registered pilgrims, remit the same to Saudi Arabia and begins the issuance of visa.

The first batch of 2024 hajj pilgrims will arrive in Saudi on May 9 corresponding to Dhul Qada 1, 1445AH.

Are the Nigerian Hajj Stakeholders ready for the fast pace Hajj operating system?

Time is a factor.


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