Boss Mustapha

By Tom Garba, Yola

..Nigerians still need the services of the former SGF

Intrigues, mischief, blackmailing, and internal crisis are some of the characteristics of a ruling party in Nigeria. This is what has become of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in recent times. The party is constantly facing a multidimensional crisis and getting a good party Man to stabilize it is becoming an impossible and herculean task.

What the APC needs at the moment is a politician with party affinity, A Man who is having a good understanding of party politics, who is a good lobbyist, a diplomatic principle politicians who knows the intrigues in the game of politics. Someone who cannot be bought over by money bags politicians. A God fearing Man who is selfless in nature.

The way out of the APC Leadership conundrum is for President Ahmed Bola Tinubu to be as a matter of urgency jettison all the wheel dealers and fair-weather politicians who are just interested in what they will only want to achieve for their personal interest. Tinubu should rather get the party and Nigerians a Man who thinks creatively to solve the myriad of challenges starring at the party in the face. A man who is an honest Nigerian and knows about party politics. A Man who is a gentleman, an absorber, and a relaxer of party internal crisis.

Barrister Boss Mustapha Gidahyel, CFR, the immediate past Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) is a Man with a track record of performance. Boss by track record cannot dance to the tune of perfidy and shenanigans politicians who are self centred to break down the party system because of their primordial sentiments.

The kind of Party Crisis currently bedeviling the APC can only be successfully dealt with by proper handling of issues concerning every state with the uttermost sense of fairness. Carrying every stakeholder along, and all party members be treated equally at all levels. It is not brute force required in pitch battles between party members or when interests among members are clashing. This is where Boss has the mastery and wit wisdom to handle such issues. Boss a seasoned politician fit this bill of taking the APC party to a haven of rest void of undue, uncalled, and unnecessary party squabbles.

What has befallen Senator Abdullahi Adamu to forcefully resign is his inability to carry every members along. His pride attitudes as a poor listener has landed him to his present political face. It is a disgrace to him haven been a Governor of Nasarawa State for eight years and served his zone as a Senator for eight years but failed to delivered APC in the state is a serious sign that he has used up his political live line and President Tinubu do not find him useful again rather than weak politician sliding down to expiration stage.It is unfortunate to say that before the Party primaries APC’s merchants have used the party under Adamu’s watch to exploits politicians who were aspiring to be leaders of various positions. This has turn a backlash of hatred against him with no one seems to like him anymore in the party.

For Boss Mustapha to successfully ended his tenure with former President Muhammadu Buhari, it has decorated him to have radiant colors of leadership style that can lead APC well to have stability to a great extent. It shows Boss can handle the party crisis situations. He has seen it all as an SGF. He went through it all as a Man who handle the daily routines memos of the presidency, overseeing other ministries and parastatals.

No wonder notable Nigerians have applauded him well during a Thanksgiving service organized by his mother church in Yola (LCCN). They have made a call that Nigerians still need his services. This is to say that Tinubu need to be wise in getting who is the next APC national Chairman considering the hullabaloo they party went through from Adams Oshiomole to Abdullahi Adamu.

Boss is a big shot party Man, an elder statesman and a nationalist that has the requisite experience of party politics. Dating back to history, he has being a faithful party Man from 1992 while in SDP and 1999, the return of democracy upto 2015 when APC became a formation of many political party into a merger from ACN.

His politics revolves within a circle of political party of his choice . Over the years he has been a man with a strong fraternity to party politics of APC. He is one Nigerian who defined his brand of politics within the context of political party affinity. Once he discovers himself in one, he dies by its principles and its ideologies. This is where the All progressives Congress, APC, the party is even lucky to have found him a good Man and part of the party’s camaraderie with unblinking loyalty. Tinubu and any other party man can go to sleep with Boss riding the affairs of the party.

The APC at national level needs him now to balance the leadership differences. They need a Man of his ability to as a matter of urgency correct the many defects. Knowing this Man from the cradle of his political lifeline to date, one can comfortably say that he can be the Last Man standing for the party come rain come sun shines in uniting the party. Giving him the party driving seat will mean a lot good thing to the ruling party. He can sell out his conscience to build an APC for the betterment of Nigerian people. He invested more than enough to the party that he can cheapen it out for whatever reason.

The body language of Boss, his composure, and his political temperament is a sign that he can go to any length for the APC to remain a national party that will last for many decades. Boss is no doubt a discovery of wisdom, one of the Adamawa’s Son that is immensely vast in party politics that will add value into the political lifeline of Nigeria because of his firm belief in APC

He is truly a party Man despite what people consider weakness in his silence and muteness in delving into national issues. I see that as a virtue of greatness he owned that he will use to camp down and stabilize many uproars within and outside the party that would possibly consume the party.

Mr. Boss remains the best loyal Man of APC, the last Man that can ever stand for the party in the interest of all party men. A party Man at all times that belief in serving APC is what will birth out good leaders for the nation.

It will be a plus to the party if critical stakeholders are yearning for change in the party system and in serious need to have a national leader that will manage the party to success stories. The silence achiever is a workaholic in nature when it comes to party politics.

Mr President think outside the box to bring a Man that will save the party from future calamity of destruction at the end, it is you that will face the national embarrassment if good people are not call to serve in this capacity.

I see Boss Mustapha the best Man to solve the hard equations of APC current reality of internal crisis.

<strong>Tom Garba is both a Journalist and Peace and reconciliation experts. He earned a Master’s Degree in Peace and Conflict resolution from the Modibbo Adama University Yola.He writes from Yola-Adamawa State, and can be reached through these means:

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