Boss Mustapha

A plot by some political mischief makers in the Adamawa fold of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to smear and dent black the name of Barr Boss Mustapha Gidahyel, CFR, the immediate past Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) was uncovered by the The General News (TG NEWS).

The APC bad eggs resorted to embark on divulging discredited information of Boss plan to dump APC to People’s Democratic party (PDP).

While Digging deep of the baseless rumour of his plan to defect immediately after a thanksgiving services was organized by his Mother Church, the LCCN of his successful tenure in handling the affairs of the SGF office.

The APC mischief makers started by leaking out a resignation letter of Pharmacist (Hon) Wafari Theman who dumped the party to yet to be announced as Boss’ decision being his loyalist.

The political miscreants also go by scandalizing Boss’ to have a close meeting with the Adamawa State Governor, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is connection to leaving the APC Party.

This medium can report that Wafari’s letter of resignation was tendered on the 12th of July, 2023 but the political enemies of Boss waited until yesterday (17-7-2023) just to connect their evil schemes being the day millions of Nigerians are aware is in Yola for a special Thanksgiving.

To any student of political history, the Information propagating around is never in tendon with Boss’ political Journey.

Boss is a big shot that party miscreants will be used bad to bring him down because of primordial sentiments and pauper incentives.

Dating back to history, Boss has never being in a ruling party from 1992 while in SDP and 1999, the return of democracy until 2015 when APC became a formation of many political party into a merger from ACN.

The political lifestyle of Boss is more of a party Man. Over the years he has been a man with a strong fraternity to party politics. He is one Nigerian who defined his brand of politics within the context of political party affinity. Once he discovers himself in one, he dies by its principles and its ideologies. This is where the All progressives Congress, APC, the party is even lucky to have found him a good Man and part of the party’s camaraderie with unblinking loyalty.

APC critical stakeholders in and outside Nigeria should know that Adamawa APC is characterized with crisis, and the unresolved crisis is birthing out mischief makers who finds lies a variable means of survival.

Knowing this Man from the cradle of his political lifeline to date, TG NEWS can comfortably report that he is the Last Man standing for APC come rain come sun shines. Boss has sold out his conscience to build an APC of goodness for the Nigerian people. He invested more than enough to the party that he can cheapen it out for whatever reason.

The body language of Boss, his composure, and his political temperament is a sign that he can go to any length for the APC to remain a national party that will last for many decades.

They cannot admit to this fact that Boss is no doubt a discovery of wisdom, one of the Adamawa’s Son that is immensely contributing to liberating, emancipating, and salvaging the entire country from the crutches of underdevelopment and putting life, meaning, and adding value into the political lifeline of Nigeria because of his firm belief in APC

He truly a part Man despite what people consider weakness in his silence and muteness in delving into national issues. we see it as a virtue of greatness he owned that is using to camp down and stabilize many uproars within and outside the party that will possibly consume the party whenever he talks unduly.

As they say “silence is golden”, to me it’s not only golden, there is power in silence. This is the power Boss got working effectively for all Nigerians. A brainy gift that is helping APC at the National level because of his staunch loyalty to the party. So for anybody to say Man of his type will leave APC is doing so because of the bread and butter he or she gets to survive.

TG NEWS can report with all sense of credibility and make it boldly in the tablet’s heart of all Nigerians that Mr. Boss remains the best loyal Man of APC, the last Man that can ever stand for the party in the interest of all party men. A party Man at all times that belief in serving APC is what will birth out good leaders for the nation.

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