Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission Rev Yakubu Pam

By Abdallah el-Kurebe

Former Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari appointed Rev. Yakubu Pam as the Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC) on 4th July, 2020.

Exactly three years and five days today, Mr. Pam has encouraged the sustenance of the Commission’s core values and operations.

Described as a quintessential leader and conciliator, Pam has transformed the Commission to the expectancy of the modern times, and introduced innovative system of operations that has made it one of the best global religious service providers applauded by all.

The Executive Secretary has made significant strides in improving the commission in many ways and from different fronts, including initiatives like introducing modern and efficient ICT systems that has made the Commission thrive effectively in tune with the technological advancement.

Not done, he has also established a monitoring unit to ensure stricter regulation of pilgrims’ welfare, making it one of the most welfare-centered religious organisation.

As a result, complaints by pilgrims, in the past three years since his assumption of office, has seized. Pam has also ensured the provision of support for pilgrims that need access to the NCPC’s services.

More importantly, Pam has expanded the commission’s presence in more states across the country and has also initiated several training programs aimed at improving the skills and efficiency of staff and pilgrims, as well as encouraging the sustenance of the NCPC’s core values and operations.

For the first time in Nigeria’s history, under Pam, a licence for direct flight from Nigeria to Tell-Aviv, Israel, was awarded to an indigenous Nigerian airline for transporting Nigerians and other nationals resident in Nigeria, which operation began in March.

The feat achieved by the Executive Secretary materialized through a conceptualization of the idea of direct Nigeria-Israel flights on assumption of duty in 2020. The concept, he noted, was to boost the bilateral relations of the two countries.

Another feat achieved by Pam, is the exploration of holy sites in the Kingdom of Jordan, which maiden pilgrimage took place in 2021.

Pam has indeed brought the NCPC out from the times of the old.

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