Top politicians Jostling For Adamawa State Ministerial Slot disclosed

Immediately after the inauguration of Nigerian President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, May 29th politicians have since started working and strategizing their ways to penetrate the government for one appointment of the other.

The struggling in Adamawa is never an exceptional one as senior politicians in the political party of the All Progressives Congress have since begun to scheme out their ways to the next appointment. After the Secretary to the Government of the Federal which luck shined on the former Governor of Benue State (SGF), George Akume and the National Security Adviser (NSA) appointment went to Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, who is from Adamawa state. The next political appointments many are waiting to hear and politicians are struggling to get is the ministerial appointment.

President Tinubu is expected to announce his cabinet ministers in the month of June or at most July, if all things being equal. It is however believed that political search lights are already being beamed on Adamawa State to spot out a ministerial nominee for the the land of beauty.

Although it has been gathered several factors will be considered in determining the nominee to represent Adamawa State in the next Federal Executive Council. Aside being an active and highly committed member of the All Progressive Congress (APC), other factors to consider in choosing a ministerial nominee from Adamawa State may include track records of performance, age, closeness to the President-elect and the capacity to change narrative in favour of the new administration.

It has however been gathered that Asiwaju is very likely to make the next ministerial appointment many are of the view that the new president should strongly identify with the youths. This may then inform why age has been made one of the criteria for the would be ministerial nominee.

The body political languages of these politicians looking for the ministerial slot from Adamawa are all dreaming big to have ministry that will endear them very close to the president.


Ahmad is one unique brad whose political life style is full of sincerity and building on trust of who he is. This Man is one for all equal to All Progress Congress, APC, a die hard of the party since it was merged from other parties.

Ahmad might not be the admirer of the Adamawa Ministerial slot but a better choice of President Tinubu renewed hope is in the interest of the nation. The non serving senator is a nationalist and a patriotic to the nation building. His closeness to Mallam Nuhu Ribadu may give him the advantage of being nominated because of his brightly and who rigorously worked to Tinubu’s victory in North East Nigeria.

Ahmad who represented Southern Senatorial Zone, but his growing political tentacles were clipped because of religion, ethnic and all sort of primordial sentiments worked against him denied him to secure his second term bid of his Senatorial race. This easy going and intelligence Adamawa politician has achieved strides of development while a Senator serving the Southern zone. He has stuffer from archaic mentally of people who are bigots, he found himself to what others will described “a politician in the disadvantaged zone of Adamawa, an area consider a Christian dominated with nine Local Government. He will not have in any way smooth ride to success win the election under whichever party or guise. The forces that worked against him are purely ethnic and religion being a Fulani Man amidst so many ethnic nationalities.

The rare opportunity he got in 2019 to win the election was associated with Insecurity and the Buhari Mantra of Change. But the subsequent election the APC family have contributed to his failure because of internal squabbles.

The question is do Adamawa still need people of his type? Yes is the answer because Ahmad political time and live line is active and people-oriented and the electorates still find him a good leader and they will benefit from his style of leadership.

Senator Ahmad is a perfect example of a good steward and greatly supported many in Adamawa, especially Numan federation of his southern constituency. To many is most deserved for any appointment by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. His knowledge of Nigeria is superb, he is now the pioneer of Arewa New Agenda (ANA). Is the convener of the group and its aimed is to encourage the norms of democracy to all Nigerians.

Ahmad can be an excellent APC Man from Adamawa for ministerial nomination going by his political and career pedigree over the years. His loyalty to the party is unquestionable with no traces of doubt.


Top in the list gasping for the nomination to the office of the minister is Rt Hon Bala James Ngilari, Adamawa State former Governor who stayed only three months in office and court was ordered for an election be conducted in 2015. Bala a for house of representative member that served the Michika/Madagali federal constituency from 1999-2007 while he was in PDP, his party of interest.

Bala, a Lawyer by profession I understand that he is going underground following top the anointing and the grace the Vice President Kashim Shettima’s blessings for the nomination. Bala following shettima to prove his loyalty to the party what I can say as a deliberate effort to start a political fight that may not favor him at the end of the day. At the moment that the new NSA is from Adamawa state.

The argument has always been that Adamawa State is a strong hold of APC if one will go by counting the heavy weight politicians having the party’s membership card. This can not in a way place Bala in an advantage position to be nominated for the ministerial slot. Many sees as a slow and a miser politician that giving the vintage position may result of a waste of opportunity the way the immediate past FCT Minister, hello Mohammed did.


Modi Halilu is NIPSS Alumni, haven serially contested House of Representatives and Governorship positions in Adamawa is jostling to occupy the minister seat slotted for the state. Call him a parlour Boy of former President Muhammadu Buhari and Younger Brother of the immediate past First Lady, Aisha Buhari. His political enemies will inferred that Modi’s highest contribution to the APC is the crisis he egged out in 2019 as a result of his inordinate gubernatorial ambition.

To date the Yola South born boy many will still tell you he has not contributed to the overall development of the party in a single way, no one he has empowered it taking to limelight as a Man who stay in the corridor of power and enjoyed the presidency of Buhari’s eight years in power.

The APC “big Boy” is truly desirous of the ministerial slot of Adamawa State as it is believed that he intends to use same as a springboard to actualize his unhidden governorship ambition. His desires may not benefit the general people of the state


Binta is a politician that goes by the acronym a woman with many political first. Her duo states of origin (Kaduna, Adamawa) where she both represented in the lower chamber made her to be the first to have that kind of record. Binta was the first to female to hold a state office of a major political party (APC) as the chair woman, the first senator elected in the entire North east. She has been an ardent follower and obeys the party’s principles.

But her weaknesses to carry everybody along while a senator was some of the reasons she was boated out and replaced by PDP in the 2019 general elections. Binta as one of the hopeful senators she has been rallying round to get her ways for the ministerial nomination.


The mouth piece and chairman committee on Military of the House of representatives was a top notch Governorship contestant who came third during the primaries is said to be working his ways for Ministerial nomination. He got elected in 2015/2019 to represent Mayo Belwa/Jada/Ganye/Toungo federal constituency of Adamawa State. A gubernatorial running mate of Engr Marcus Gunduri under ACN in 2011. A former Chief Press to Former Governor Boni Haruna. Namda’s governorship ambition denied him the opportunity to return to national assembly for the third. He is seen to lobbying his ministerial nomination through the Shettima APC factor of taken over the entire party in the North East.


Samaila is a seasoned retired civil servant haven been served at the capacity of permanent secretary of the FCT, Abuja. His popularity beamed up when he got the APC party ticket to go for the Southern Senatorial zone but lost out PDP because of his Fulani identity and origin. He stood behind Senator Aisha Dahiru Binani toed and nail until her Golgotha Journey of losing her Governorship election to PDP.

He was said to be braving up to get nomination because of his close alliance with Vice President Shettima and Binani to get the slot.


Call him the masses’ messenger and salient achiever as a philanthropist of indelible records. The Young Man who is unpretentious of his desire to win Adamawa Northern Senatorial zone was because of a gang up of gullible politicians could not make it. He gave the incumbent Senator, Mr Ishaku Abbo the political beating of his life and narrowly escaped with 37 votes to disadvantaged of Hamisu. Hamisu after the 2023 election retired back to his business base, working out a lot of activities for his constituents is among the people we gathered is working behind the scene for the position.

The contest which was tough because of personalities like the former Governor of Adamawa State, Rt Hon Bala James Ngilari and the incumbent Senator who was hell bend to win the primary elections by whatever means, but Hamisu gave them the battled of their life a sign to say that he is a strong politician that enjoys the good will of the masses.

Going by Tinubu’s game plan of making sure the Youth have become part of his government as a nucleus of development , in Adamawa possibly one will say Hamisu is one among the few Young men ready for ministerial Job. This Man despite losing election he stood firm for the party at all times, supporting and meeting the needs of party men. This elegant politician has facilitated the installation of many information and community Technology (ICT) Centre in the Northern zone.

In the history of Adamawa politics, electorates are use to the politics of hit and run by few individual politicians. After winning election you hardly can see them or rarely they come back home to initiate something or to relate well with them as the the legislative laws provided. Hamisu to date remains the only contestant returning back to his constituents after losing the election and thanked them for their support, especially delegates that stood for him to the end of the APC Senatorial primary election.

It may be surprising that the the Master’s Degree holder in Business Administration (MBA) from
the University of Maiduguri might not be nursing the ministerial ambition but pushing people like him is what will stablize the Adamawa APC which is known to have too many awaiting crisis because of party men divergence interest.

Hamisu is a well known procurement professional and a fellow of Nim who is reliable in dealings with all procurement functions, a businessman turned politician if critical stakeholders will decide to go by Tinubu’s leadership strategy of carrying the Youth along, he will use the office of minister as a major springboard to work for Nigeria and help develop Adamawa state. He will definitely work people like Nuhu to hold the party in place for future elections. He is known to be a giver and a passion politician who always rally around party members.

Judging by all parameters, Hamisu is qualified to take up the ministerial slot of Adamawa State. The Madagali born Hamisu has been carrying himself with candor and sense of responsibilities expected from a people Man-servant leader. The man has also not fallen short of admirable discharge of his official responsibilities in his capacity as a loyalist.

He is a grassroots mobilizer and he enjoys large support of the youths in his federal constituency and state at large, he is young and he may just fit into Asiwaju’s plan to accommodate youths in his administration. The young man had surprisingly at his forties.

Ideally and for the sake of inclusiveness people like Nuhu Ribadu who are now in the Corridors of power of Tinubu should encourage the senatorial seat from either the South or the north since he is from the central zone. This will be fair to everyone and for him to hold the confidence of prominent politicians to support him became the party senior stakeholder who can proffer well solution whenever there are issue that will dampen the unity of the party.

Abdulzarak Ndotti, student of Political science Masters degree Writes from university of Lagos

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