Tom Garba

By: Tom Garba

Just like a surprise, Nigerians are beginning to see and feel the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in action. The new president has proven that it is his time to change Nigeria for the better. His swearing-in was the starting point of new activity and the fuel subsidy was removed. I like this Man’s leadership energy and enthusiasm, he is not here to waste our time I believe.

President Tinubu kept hitting the ground running by suspending the CBN Governor, Mr Godwin Emifele, and the Economy and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) Chairman Mr Bawa Abdulrasheed. On these I’m assured more suspension are coming.

Yesterday’s evening was another shocker for Nigerians. First of all, he laid to rest the encumbrances and the debate that has been in the public domain regarding the appointment of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu as Special Security Adviser to the National Security Adviser (NSA) that is known for.

The confirmation of Mallam Nuhu Ribadu (MNR), the sacking of service Chiefs, and the appointment of new ones to replace the sacked were a done deal and the wisdom to end insecurity that has been stretched in all parts of the country.

NUHU RIBADU: He is a Northern Easterner, from the Adamawa Central Senatorial zone Precisely. This is an area for almost two decades Boko Haram and Islamic State of West African Province (ISWAP) and other insecurity threats like banditry, kidnappers, and Shila Boys growing up their ugly heads.

Nuhu, a patriotic Nigerian will no doubt allow such threats of insecurity to exist. I’m talking of the view of my relationship with this great Man have known him to have vigor, vitality, hard work, and excellent spirit to work for Nigeria.

This is to say Nuhu will never admit to the unscrupulous behaviors of some Nigerians who are eating fat at the perils of other Nigerians in communities suffering from all sorts of insecurity threats.

The Northeast comprising Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, Gombe Bauchi, and Taraba are all suffering from one insecurity of other order than the known Boko Haram groups who were degraded after prolonged struggles by the previous regime to halt them down.

MAJ GEN. C.G MUSA: This Man is the new appointee of the Federal Government as the new Chief of Defence Staff. Musa is from North West, An Indigene of the Zango Kataf area of Southern Kaduna Senatorial zone of Kaduna state. Throughout the Eight years, Mallam Nasir Elrufai has battled to no success to end the insecurity of Bandits and Kidnappers, Fulani militants attacks, and Herders/Farmers Crisis.

Musa is a career-driven Man who has built a niche of trust and earned respect from many Nigerians. The question is what is Musa bringing out on board that is new and novel that will combat the growing spade of these derailed Nigerians? I’m sure Musa is set and ready to fight well to secure the nation in this regard.

MAJ. T. A LAGBAJA: He is a fine Senior Army officer who Tinubu appointed as Chief of Army Staff from South West. Because of insecurity, some states in the southwest have introduced Ametukun security outfit to fight against the failed security architectures where constant reports of killings, and kidnapping is the other of the day. Lagbaja will have massive work to do in restructuring the architecture of the country’s security intelligence.

Rear Admiral E. A OGALLA is the new Chief of Naval Staff from the South-South Region where there have been incessant militant attacks resulting in pipeline vandalization. It was in all the national television stations and leading stories in many dailies that Asari Dokubo, an Ijaw Youth frontier leader accused the Navy of stealing crude oil in the region.

AVM H.B ABUBAKA, Chief of Air Staff, DIG KAYODE EGBETOKUN Acting Inspector-General of Police, and MAJ. GEN. EPA UNDIANDEYE appointed as Defense Intelligence.

This is one of the Wisdom of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, respectively appointed Security experts from all six geopolitical zones to defend the terrorism and the life and properties of Nigerians.

This is a service to the nation that these Men were all appointed to give. They are patriotic Nigerians that President Tinubu is hopeful to use as some of his ladders to be stepping on to have a secured Nigeria.

To me, the idea of all these appointments is a miscue mission and in a way declaring a state of emergency in security. It is a mandate by the President to use the Sons of each geopolitical zone to salvage the nation from lingering security unresolved issues and battles with no victory.

The question is can the new service chiefs be traitors and betrayals? This is the one thing I know Mallam Nuhu Ribadu will never do. It is my hope and expectation the other service chiefs will never be the ones using their offices in killing the people of Nigeria by instigating insecurity threats here and there. Or be stooges to some interest parties outside Nigeria to cause havoc as attention diversion to steal our minerals resources and to influence the administration.

With Nuhu Ribadu and others in this government, I see President Bola Ahmed Tinubu succeeding. I see a new dawn, a hope of the twinkling little star of secured destiny.

With a little more patience by Nigerians, with a little more prayers by all of us. I can see a new Nigeria.

Once again Congratulations Mr. Ribadu, congratulations to all the newly service chiefs appointees.

Failure to meet the security needs of the country will be one of your biggest destiny catastrophe and posterity will never be kind to you.

Tom Garba (B.Tech, MA. FIMC, FBDFM, SPSP). Is a Journalist, a political analyst, and an opinion writer. He writes from Yola-Adamawa State. He can be reached through these means:

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