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Tracereporters –The Social Democratic Party, SDP has commended President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for courageously starting his administration with the uprooting of the dare devil subsidy cabal which subsequent heads of the Federal Government of Nigeria in the past 30 years dreaded to confront.

According to Barr. Alfa Mohammed, the SDP spokes person in a statement made available to the media Monday, “every past Nigeria Head of state or President knew that fuel subsidy was a scam and the major clog in the country’s wheel of progress, but they all feared to remove it due to the fear of the deadly cabal behind it.

Even President Mohammadu Buhari who managed to assent the to the Petroleum Industry Bill which proscribed the Petrol subsidy had to tactically push the burden of its implementation to the in-coming president.

Unfortunately for the subsidy cabal and against all the permutations, the next president became the most courageous and most powerful politician in Nigerian who knows it, and has seen it all, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who announced the implementation just few minutes after his inauguration”.

Alfa who described president Tinubu and his administration as “God sent and prayers answered respectively” opined that for Tinubu to succeed in his drive to make Nigeria great once again, Nigerians must grant Mr President two things.

“Now that President Tinubu has destroyed the water hyacinth hampering Nigeria’s smooth sail to the promised Island of fortune, Nigerians must grant two things to the President for him to succeed, namely:

Nigerians must encourage Mr President by enduring all the temporary hardships, real or induced by the enemies of progress, as such hard times are necessary sacrifice, but which will never last long.

Nigerians, especially the Nigerian workers, as well as the Nigerian Students should show complete loyalty to the president in the task of nation building he has embarked upon by disregard any call by their leaderships to embark on any strike or protest against this new promising administration.

The sponsors and the script writers of such anti Tinubu Government have been found to be the Forex and Fuel Subsidy Cabals who must be rejected.

The SDP therefore advised the NLC and it’s political wing, the Labour party against playing the scripts of the subsidy cabals, as such conduct would amount to conspiring against the agenda to move Nigeria forward”.

Meanwhile, the SDP in the statement also pledged some “human capital donation to Mr President from amongst its resourceful members to help the new administration in Mr President’s quest to drive Nigeria out of poverty to prosperity.

Our doors are open for any support Mr President may request from us as allied party” Alfa concluded.

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