Senator Aishatu Ahmed Dahiru (Binani)

By: Mu’azu Aliyu Isa

The 2023 Governorship election of Adamawa state has become a world centre of attraction. It is now a debacle of power tussle between the incumbent Governor, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri and Senator Aishatu Ahmed Dahiru (Binani), Senator Representing Adamawa Central whose gross desire is to become the next Governor of the state.

Ahmadu is facing the blue ruin battle with a fierce desperation of Binani who seems to be powerful influencing the conduct and the process of the governorship election. The 18th March Governorship polls during Local Government results collation was the beginning of brewed political uproar when opponents discovered chances of winning or losing out of the contest.

Binani began to fly a kite by concocting believe to be a ballots boxes stuffing using unsubmitted Fofure Local Government results where over thirty one thousands votes was recorded in her favor. The imaginary votes threw confusion in the election process as people from all works of life began to congratulate Binani as the first female Governor in the history of Nigeria, including the international community.

How can Binani being a contestant be given the contract to print INEC sensitive papers in the same Adamawa State by so doing Binani has clearly indicated that she has no moral standing to lead the State.

On declaring an inconclusive election announcing the results from the twenty one local government by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) returning officer, professor Mohammed Mele who said that the winner could not emerge because the number of collected Permanent Voter Cards PVC in 69 polling units elections were not hold and the canceled figures are higher than the winning margin of 31,250 polled by Fintiri.

INEC released official documents on the affected 69 polling units which is a total of 41,796 registered voters, but that only 37,016 collected their PVCs which is more than the margin between Fintiri and Binnani. The result properly indicated that Governor Fintiri scored 421,524 votes, senator Binnani got 390,274 votes in the 21 local governments of Adamawa state. It shows Fintiri is leading with over 31,250.
The question is that why Binani’s penchant desperation to be the next Governor of Adamawa State? Why changing the facts and figures? Why the noise and the feminine support by women outside Adamawa state? What is the interest of women like Paulen Tallen? Are tenets of democracy no longer sacrosanct of the winner through the popular majority or minority gets it all?

We speaking as concerned Nigerians who are indigenes of Adamawa State and followed the political trend of event. My eagle and sparrows eyes on the two leading contestants (Fintiri and Binani) one can easily understand that Binani’s disposition and penchant desire to be the next Governor of Adamawa has placed the state to sit on a time bomb. She is wielding out power, influence and affluence by making it to look as if she must be the Governor of Adamawa state at all cost.

Adamawa is sitting on a gun powder because the Binani ungodly desire is infuriating the common Man whose votes have already counted for a winner to emerge. The state is known to be a peaceful and labeled as the Land of Beauty. If care is not taken and urgent attention is not given to peace. It is going to be first in history that most likely a massive destruction of lives and properties will befall the people of Adamawa state because of the desire and power of a Woman.

One of the annoying part of her game is the fact that Pauline Kedem Tallen the supposed Minister of Women affairs and social development ought to be neutral and play the role of a Mother to everyone, but has failed woefully.

We in Adamawa cannot allowed someone from Plateau State to come and ruin our beautiful state. This same Woman that her own state of origin, Plateau was a Female Deputy Governor in 2007 who was removed from office. If was that good, she couldn’t have been removed as the female deputy Governor of her state and when she contested as the governor of Plateau State, she failed in totality.


Probably Mrs Tallen attention should be drawn on few issues that her desires for Binani to be Governor by crook way it is the cancer cropping her morality. Is she aware that Binani never won the election? Why is she shouting victory and congratulating her? Why is Tallen, been a former deputy Governor and present Minister of Women Affairs of the Federal Republic be preaching what is capable of shedding blood in Adamawa State? We advise Tallen to go back to the drawing board and allow morality to be her guide.

Tallen wishful thoughts for Binani by giving her graveyard courage is now boiling our dear state. Adamawa is sitting on time bomb and on gun powder which will explore in a sooner moment if stakeholders on political peace and violence have turn to be onlookers without meddling into the current situation of Adamawa politics.

Their firmed decision to push Binani by all means is geared toward carnage of destruction. Is it bloodbath that Binani and Tallen desire for the people of Adamawa State? Why can’t she strength the capacity of women to win elective positions in Nigeria. May we draw the attention of our honourable minister that under her watch the position of the women in National Assembly dropped drastically.

What we are saying here today is that only Fairness and justice are what will save Adamawa state from the claws of crisis. Because of the simple fact that Binani didn’t win the election, Tallen is using the APC might of leadership to impose her own people. INEC through the Binani’s influence want to compromise and perfect rigging plans for Binani by changing the canceled units to favor her.

The desperation signs displayed by Binani is to the hearing and seeing of all. In her Fulfulde native language, she reiterated the word “Wujja Wujja”. Meaning she will battle the seat of power even if it means her to steal. This portends grave danger especially to democracy and good governance.

The leaked audio conversation where the REC, Barrister Hudu Yunusa coerced the Fufore Collation Officer to manipulate the outcome of the elections was admitted by the REC, it is a crime that no sane society should overlook or remain silent. Also in clarity terms Binani displayed contempt for the people of Adamawa State and their democratic rights, further shows her contempt for INEC, which she feels she has in her hand bag.

Worsening the situation, Binani got INEC to dance to her tune as rumour has it that the units to conduct a rerun election have increased from 69 to 77 polling units spread across affected Local Government areas. This is something we believe is against the electoral act and violate the entire electoral process.

May we plead with some of our female activists to please concentrate more on developing strategies that will encourage and aid women to win elective positions.

May we draw the attention of the local and international community that Binani is never the winner of Adamawa Governorship election according to the results announced by INEC. She has never win and can never win even on the coming rerun because the anger of the electorate have been candled against her, by using the power of APC agenda to win the election. To impose her, will no doubt lead to stiff resistance because the end will not be palatable.

May I also put it on record Binani can’t win the election because she falled out with the electorates. Let it be known, in her unit, Kofar Mahmud Ribadu (06) she lost out to PDP. Her Bamoi ward of Yola South Local Government she also woefully failed. Then one will want to ask why is her political strength? She can’t control her political base talk more of winning the rerun election. However they choose to play the game in her favor

May we also say Women all over the world should not believe the wrong the narrative propagating around, that their fellow woman has won the election. Yes if truly Binani is the winner or she is even close to winning the polls is a fact base context that all should support. For God sake, she is not the winner, no one was declared to have won. The only fact of the matter is that Fintiri is leading with over 31, 250 votes.

As it stand, it’s a fight to finish, a dogma clash of interest between the two hefty Lion and Lioness that will end up in destruction of innocent people if care is not taken.

It is a clarion call to all gladiators, men and women who God has placed in the position of authority to please join hands in saving Adamawa state because the desire and the power of woman is about rocking down the state as carnage and bloodbath beckons.

Mu’azu Aliyu Isa, an indigene of Fofure LGA wrote this piece from Ajiya Ward, Yola North LG Adamawa State.

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