Goverrnor Inuwa Yahaya Of Gombe State
Tracereporters –The Tangale natives of Gombe State resident in overseas operating under the auspices of Tangale Community Overseas, (TCO), have pleaded with Gombe Residents to vote out the current state governor in the fourth coming Governorship and House of Assembly election schedule for Saturday 18th.
The group however commended people of the State for their exemplary participation in the 2023 National Assembly elections. This is just as they want a repeat on Saturday’s State elections.
Thanking the people for putting their State where it belongs in the annals of history, the Community noted that by such act, they have demonstrated they are resilient and hungry for positive change.
A statement by the General Secretary, Lamela Umaru Lakorok, titled “Democratic Suicidal Ideations In The Gombe State Elections, and made available to Tracereporters in Kaduna state, emphasized that the people have renewed their hope in the bright future of Gombe and indeed, Nigeria.
The statement observes that despite the public disgrace by INEC before the international community in the conduct of the elections, they would not lose hope for Nigeria.
According to the community, “We will not lose hope for Nigeria. We will conquer and overcome our challenges one hurdle at a time. Our fellow Nigerians who have sold our freedom for money have seen how the youths rejected bribery and instigation to violence. That was a huge win for democracy”.
The statement urged the people of Gombe State to perfect that attitude and remain steadfast by rejecting bribery and instigation to violence on Saturday .
The Full Text Of The Press Statement Reads:-
Ladies and Gentlemen of the press, we, the Tangale Community Overseas (TCO), as natives of Gombe state, hereby write to congratulate our fellow citizens of Gombe state on the occasion of their exemplary participation in the NASS elections. Over the years, we have maintained that the people of Gombe state are forward-thinking and freedom lovers. The conduct of our people in the last elections has been observed and lauded by the world. Thank you for putting our state where it belongs in the annals of history. Our people are resilient and hungry for positive change. You have renewed our hope in the bright future of Gombe state and, indeed, Nigeria.
Despite the public disgrace that the INEC has put our country through, especially in the eyes of many African countries that consider Nigeria as a model member of the community, we will not lose hope for Nigeria. We will conquer and overcome our challenges one hurdle at a time. Our fellow Nigerians who have sold our freedom for money have seen how the youths rejected bribery and instigation to violence. That was a huge win for democracy. Now it is time for the people of Gombe to perfect that attitude in the state elections on Saturday. In that regard, we have a few suggestions as you head to the polls.
First, remember that the significant benefit of democracy is that it gives power to the ordinary person. Contrary to what politicians say, YOU ARE THE BOSS. You determine who leads your community. This responsibility comes with an enormous burden that requires the employment of your critical thinking skills. It would be best to suppress your emotional impulse to vote for a candidate or party for any reason beyond their capacity and ability to lead. In that light, democracy is also dangerous because it gives a community the rope with which to hang itself. Every political move the community makes has consequences, so it is essential to step back and analyze the possibilities available. We must ask the question, how is our vote going to benefit or harm the community?
Secondly, be wary of the wholesale vote idea. It is not a sign of emotional intelligence or maturity to swing from one party to another without bargaining. For example, the current sorry state in Gombe under Inuwa Yahaya resulted from dissatisfaction with the previous ruling party. But the people of Gombe state have seen the wild and vicious side of Inuwa Yahaya and have decided to change course. Nevertheless, it is not enough to lament our past mistakes; we must probe the quality of the candidates seeking our votes, considering the horror we have experienced. Let us not repeat the error, or we will move in cycles. The people of Gombe state have learned that we did not make a good choice – far from it.
Thirdly, the audacity of the Tangale people to reject one of their own in favor of a Fulani Muslim from Balanga LG should quell the false accusations and any misconceptions about the reason for the Mai Tangle stool crisis. Hon VMD had achieved an unprecedented legislative feat in the constituent, and no one can take that away from him. Yet, the Tangale people have spoken through their ballots that they prefer a different route. Therefore, we urge the new member of the House of Representatives to keep in mind whatever it is the people hope to get from his leadership.
Nevertheless, we from TCO fear an electoral suicide emanating from political alliances and call on the Tangale people to take advantage of this opportunity to silence Inuwa Yahaya once and for all.
In this electoral conundrum, we remember the injustices on Justice Beatrice and Mai Tangle Dr. Musa Maiyamba, among many intentional brutalities of Inuwa. Do not forget that we still have young people incarcerated in Gombe without trial. Foreigners had never attacked our people and land until Inuwa’s time. Remember these things when you vote. Any Tangale person that votes for Inuwa is an enemy of the Tangale people. We have listed some of his atrocities already. You can vote for APC candidates for other offices, but to vote for Inuwa would be an intentional act of hatred towards the Tangale people. Be wary of Judas, whose hands are in the same bowl as you but drawing morsels to satisfy their evil desires.
We have learned of measures Inuwa is taking to intimidate voters and circumvent the electoral process through vote buying and frustrating the movement of people. He is a wounded animal blindly swinging his sword to harm others before collapsing. We call on all citizens to eschew violence and intimidation. Use your phones to record any voter intimidation and anomalies. Remember that in the end, we are in this together. The leadership of a good ruler benefits all alike. A peaceful and quiet life is the soil in which society thrives. Gombe state is a community of tribes, religions, trades, talents, and futures. How will your vote make it better?
Finally, we love Gombe state and its citizens and wish for a successful replacement of Inuwa Yahaya after the ruinous four years we cannot return. The best chance in this election is either the PDP or NNPP candidates. We wish both of them a successful campaign, and we hope that the winner will listen to the cries of the masses and find a way to move Gombe state forward. We at the TCO are open to collaboration and engagement in education and healthcare development for the state. We had hoped to explore those under the current government, but the governor had other plans.
We pray for a peaceful election and look forward to congratulating the winners next week.
Long Live Gombe State!
Lamela Umaru Lakorok
General Secretary
Tangale Community Overseas.
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