Photo Leader of Think Tank for good Governance and Quality Leadership under the leadership of High Chief Christopher Geoman and other members
By Lola Seriki-Idahosa, Kaduna
Tracereporters –Leader of Think Tank for Quality Leadership and Good Governance, under the leadership of High Chief Christopher Geoman has call on all supporters of Labor Party (LP) to disregard all lies and rumours peddled by People Democratic Party (PDP) that the Kaduna Governorship candidate of LP hon. Jonathan Asake has stepped down from the contest for Hon. Isa Ashiru, the gubernatorial candidate of the PDP.
High Chief Christopher Geoman stated this in a press conference held in Kaduna on Friday, saying that those spreading such rumours are enemies of the party.
He called on Kaduna people to come out enmass to vote Labor Party both state governor and house of Assembly position.
High Chief Christopher Geoman advised other candidates to step down for Asake, ‘according to him ‘we want a change, let’s give another party a chance, we are happy to announce that NNPP are ready to collapse their structure with Labor Party “
He said Asake is the choice of Kaduna state under a free and fair election come 11th March, 2023 and his not looking back despite the unkind and mean rumours spread to rubbish his hard earned good name.
Also speaking during the press briefing, Chief Morrison Ikpeamaeze,  Chairman All Kaduna State LP Support Groups said
under a free and fair election, we don’t see where the APC will win the gubernatorial seat of Kaduna state after the destruction it had brought upon Kaduna State.
And in any case, it was the indolent, cowardly and timid way the PDP played politics that gave grounds for the APC to do what it liked with the people, assets and fortune of Kaduna state. It is the same PDP that wasted the votes of the people of Kaduna state in 2019.
It is the same characters that are parading the same candidate for the 2023 elections.
Our people have no confidence that the PDP has the capacity to coast to victory or after victory, sustain the victory from being snatched by the APC from the courts.
We are therefore calling on our supporters not to be intimidated or be deceived by anyone or groups.
They should mobilise themselves and convince more electorate for a landslide victory in the gubernatorial race come 11th March, 2023.
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