By Lola Seriki-Idahosa, Kaduna
Tracereporters –In the political landscape of Kaduna state there are individuals whom through hard work and dedication have made a name for themselves. Mohammed Audi is one of such person who has continued to make life better for the citizens and people around him.
Muhammed Audi, who was former Chief of Staff to the former Governor of Kaduna State, Governor Namadi Sambo (2007 to 2010) and an arrowhead of that administration presently serves as the Coordinator of North-West Zone for the Labour Party (LP)
It came as no surprise, that when the Labour Party held it nationwide presidential rally in Kaduna, Audi was able to mobilize an unprecedented crowd at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium to the admiration of all at the rally including the presidential candidate Peter Obi.
 Obi who could not hide his joy said he was impressed with the turnout of people in the historic city of Kaduna. “I am impressed with the mammoth crowd of women and youths as we have started our campaign in Kaduna, I am truly impressed with what I have seen, North West Coordinator you have done a good job”.
Kaduna state represents productivity in the North, and that is what we want to bring back “a sense of belonging to everyone” The presidential candidate, noted that Kaduna hosts one of the biggest military information in Nigeria, but people in the state cannot sleep with both eyes closed “that is why I and Baba Ahmed Dati say we will secure and unite Nigeria”
He said it is not as if bandit are more formidable than govt, but it is a case of lack of leadership.
According to him, all the youth and women that are abandoned will be brought out of poverty by the party if elected “all our youths and support groups efforts will not be in vain, because we will make sure that our youth that are energetic and talented compete with others in the world and win”.
He emphasized that the fourth coming election is not about tribe or ethnicity but someone who can rescue Nigeria from its present state.
Also speaking at the rally, the vice presidential candidate of the party Yusuf Datti Baba–Ahmed said the elections will be a watershed in the history of Nigeria as the people are set to take their country back as a new Nigeria is possible.
He emphasized that a vote for Peter/Datti will restore lost hope and credible leadership. This year would be the turn of Nigerians to take their destiny into their hands.
Speaking earlier at the formal unveiling of the party manifesto of Kaduna State Governorship Campaign council, the National Secretary of the party Farouk Ibrahim said in the history of the party in Kaduna State, it has made a big catch with Mohammed Audi joining the party.
 This means that our party is not ready to leave any stone unturned in order to trump at the polls.
Extolling the quantities of Mohammed Audi, the Secretary said “Audi is a serious-minded personality”, as such the party is assured of victory at the forthcoming elections. “As the North/West Coordinator of the party, we know, Audi will do all he can to ensure our victory”.
“The youths and women are the majority members of the party, we trust Audi to continue to mobilize them at both the State and National level”.
The North West Coordinator, Mohammed Audi advised Igbo and the people of Kaduna State to ensure they vote massively for LP, saying it is the turn of the Igbo nation to produce the president “Igbo’s this is your time, your population in Kaduna is unprecedented”.
.“This election is not about religion or ethnicity we must fight with all our determination to elect. Peter/Datti as the president and vice, Jonathan Asake as the in-coming Governor of Kaduna State. “Kaduna State is a pacesetter, “Ensure you go and collect your PVC, that is what we will use to vote out this Govt”.
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