Peter Obi
Tracereporters –The campaign train of the Labour Party (LP) yesterday landed in Kaduna yesterday. Its presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, promised to engender a new Nigeria whose people would be secured and united, where every citizen would be proud to belong, if elected in the February 25 election.
 He said many Nigerians are currently ashamed to identify with their country because of the numerous challenges facing the country.
 Speaking at the party’s rally in the ancient city to kick off its presidential campaign in the North, Obi said: “Kaduna was the capital of Northern Nigeria where every Nigerian was proud to belong; hence, we started the campaign here in Kaduna.
According to him, “We are about to bring back that Nigeria where everybody was happy to belong. Kaduna State represented productivity in the North. It represented what was good in Nigeria. And that is what we want to bring back. We are tired of hearing stories.”
 According to him, Kaduna State hosts the best military formations in the country and it is supposed to be more secured than any part of the country.
 “But there are so many security challenges in the state. We will secure and unite Nigeria. Security will come back again,” Obi said.
 The former Anambra State governor blamed bad leadership for the pervasive insecurity in the land.
 He said this is why bandits operate almost freely, killing and causing destruction.
 Obi said: “We will restructure the security architecture. Security personnel will be well taken care of. We will ensure their lives are taken care of so that their families are taken care of in the event of death.
 “Datti and I will change this country from consumption to production because of the high prices of things. All the vast lands in the North will be centres of agriculture.
 “Kaduna State, again, will become a processing centre. The Bank of Agriculture (BoA) will finance food production in Nigeria and all the support groups, youths, women, and all Nigerians, their labour for the party will not go in vain.”
 Commenting on the forthcoming elections, he said nobody should use tribe, religion or section as the premise for campaign.
 The LP presidential candidate stressed that Nigerians do not make sales on the basis of religion, tribe or section.
 According to him, the major thing that affects all and sundry is the suffering that bad leadership has placed on the citizenry.
 Obi’s running mate, Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed, urged eligible voters to cast their ballots for the party to enjoy peace, unity, a new nation, and an end to the challenges facing the country.
 He said: “Nigeria has never got the calibre of presidential candidates as it is presently. Kaduna is the centre of good things in the country. I hope the people of the state will come out en mass to change the narrative of this country through their votes by electing Labour Party to power for the good of every Nigerian.”
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