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….Aide warns, says deviant members are breaking the party’s constitution which is punishable

Tracereporters –Adamawa State gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Alhaji Umar Mustapha Madawaki (Otumba Ekiti) fumed at the Anty-Party activities of some leaders of the party in the state.

Umar who is popularly known as Otumba through his campaign Chief Strategist and Spokesperson, Dr. Agoso H. Bamaiyi the nefarious activities of the deviant members are against the party and are punishable under article Article 19, B 2 and 5 of the party’s constitution.

He revealed that the so-called party members are going around the state telling Labour Party members and supporters to vote only for Mr. Peter Obi, the Presidential candidate of the party during the General Elections and vote for other parties.

Aso lamented that the Anty party signal of the LP member’s campaign against candidates of the Labour Party by calling on people not to vote for all offices of the party is against the party’s internal democracy.

Agoso warned that the activities of the so-called Labour Party leaders and stakeholders, including some members of the Adamawa State Presidential Campaign Council, PCC.

“It is rather unfortunate that, as the gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party for Adamawa State, Alhaji Umar Mustapha Madawaki (Otumba Ekiti), and his campaign team and supporters are working tirelessly to secure victory for the Labour Party in the General Elections in all elective positions. But some so-called leaders and members of the same Labour Party are trying to destroy all this good and commendable work.

He revealed that their activities are anti-party activities and are subject to disciplinary actions, including, but not limited to, suspension.

“Let the perpetrators know that we have documentary evidence of their activities and they will not go unpunished.

“Just in case these people do not know, or have not thought about it, Mr. Peter Obi, when he wins elections, cannot govern Nigeria alone. We operate a Presidential System with three arms: Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary. Mr. Peter Obi needs all the governors, senators, and reps that he can get, who are in the same party as him, to successfully lead. Otherwise, he will be a Seating Duck that will be taken out by reactionary forces in the opposition and the polity. Working against Labour Party candidates, therefore, is directing working against Mr. Peter Obi himself.

“That, despite these ill-intentioned activities, the Adamawa State Gubernatorial Candidate of the Labour Party, and his team, and other candidates contesting under the flag of the Labour Party, remain undaunted and are, hence, committed to securing victory for the Labour Party in the 2023 General Elections. And, by God’s grace, victory is certain.”

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