Bishop of Sokoto Diocese Bishop Mathew KUKAH

Tracereporters –Dr. Garus Gololo coordinator of the North -East Youths for peace and justice, has called on the Bishop of Sokoto Diocese Bishop Mathew KUKAH to use his priesthood to calm angry nerves rather than making inflammatory statement that could further divide the Country.

The All Progressive Congress ( APC), chieftain gave the advice while briefing the press on Tuesday in Abuja.

According to him ” Priesthood is not all about activism, Bishop Kukah is one of the most respected clergy man today in Nigeria, but his criticism of Government policy and defence of ethnicity when there is crisis in any part of the North does not portray his true picture”

” There is no part of Nigeria, no ethnic or religion that has not suffered one form of attack or the other, but as a priest Kukah should not allow his emotion to becloud his humanity” he said.

” Depends on the side of the divide one stands, but for those in Borno state and Adamawa state, Buhari must have restored some semblance of peace because before he came to power almost all the local government areas in Adamawa and Borno state were under the control of insurgent, so anytime there is this blanket condemnation of the Buhari’s administration the impression is that Kukah is a member of PDP”

” While I am not in a position to defend Government policy, I think Buhari deserves some commendations not outright condemnations ”

” There is nothing wrong in Kukah participating in politics if he wants to but combining politics with priesthood is setting one religion against the other, if he must play politics let him join any of the political parties”

In a related development, Gololo has commended the North – East youth for the way and manner they have been conducting the campaign in the zone saying that ” it is now becoming glaring that the APC will win Adamawa with senator Binani and Air vice Marsha Sadiq in Bauchi.

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