….call on the active participation of citizens in governance and policy-making

Tracereporters –Adamawa State office of Multi-sectoral crisis recovery projects (MCRP) in collaboration with Kwachebe consult LTD has organized a one-day town hall meeting on civic Education in Adamawa.

Chairman of the occasion Professor Bashir Aliyu, former deputy Vice Chancellor of Administration of Modibbo Adama University Yola (MAU) in his opening remark at Fadfatis Restaurant and event Center said the Adamawa chapter of the MCRP has developed a toolkit for the civic education program which is composed of five modules.

According to him, the modules are Human Rights participation, conventional citizenship practices, community-based civic engagement, trust in media and government-related institutions, and women’s political and economic rights.

The event was more of interactive with participants drawn from the 21 Local Governments of Adamawa state mainly Youth, social groups and women.

The participants were enlightened by Justice Hasiya Yunusa Nyako and Professor Jude Momodu who were the speakers of the event.

Jude, a Professor of Peace and conflict resolution from the Department of Peace and security studies of MAU talked about citizens’ participation in governance.

According to him, civic Education is an informal educational awareness program aimed at promoting good citizenship practice and active participation in the process of governance.

He continued to say that for one to be part of the government process, he must play a role in either belonging to a political party or using other platforms like Newspapers, Radio, Social Media, and Television to pass a message that will positively alter with government policies(s).

He hammered his paper by calling on people, especially the Youth to fully and actively participate in the process of governance, as it is the only way good government will ensure.

While Justice Nyako presented to participants a dish of fundamental human rights of people as regards government and participation in the policy-making of the system.

She educated participants that rights are inherent but said where one’s rights end it starts with obligations to the rule of law.

Other erudite scholars and stakeholders at the meeting are Professor Mu’azu Hammandikko of the department of operation research (MAU), Alhaji Suleiman Buba, Chairman of taskforce illicit drugs and petroleum product in charge of Adamawa and state states, Dr. Sani Shalabgwa, Hea, Environmental and social safeguard of MCRP, Adamawa state, and Alhaji Haruna Hammanfuro, component manager one of MCRP.

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