philanthropist of national repute, Dr. Emmanuel N Musa

Dr. Emmanuel, Adamawa Young philanthropist storms Yola, secures release of 38 inmates

….. organizes crusade, Christmas gifts to mark his birthday

On what they described as a homecoming of Adamawa State Illustrious son and a philanthropist of national repute, Dr. Emmanuel N Musa stormed Yola today and was received by hundreds of Youths, Women, and officials of many organizations, cultural groups.

Musa is a humanist who founded the Emnamu Foundation with the sole aim of helping the less privileged and reaching out to the unreached in terms of education, health, and socioeconomic needs of people, communities, and societies in and outside Adamawa state.

His homecoming today as revealed by the coordinator of the foundation, Comrade Kukuyada Godwin and said this year’s homecoming of Mr. Emmanuel has a piled lot of activities, and programs planned to do in commemoration of his birthday.

At the Yola International Airport today Musa was well received, and led a convoy of thousands of people to Yola correctional Center where he secured the release of thirty-eight (38) inmates by paying their fines.

According to Kukuyada, Emmanuel has also paid the transport fares of all the inmates released in the Yola prisons.

His visit to Yola Taching Hospital and State specialist hospital Jimeta-Yola and gave dozens of food items, toiletries and cash to inpatients was a moment by many patients and poured down prayers of blessings to him because many of them were not having means to pay their hospital bills.

Emmanuel in his yearly program, the orphanage home in Yola is another point of call. He was there and donated hundreds of toiletries to them.

Kukuyada confirmed to this medium that Emmanuel at the Yola correctional center has also promised to assist the center to build a school for giving the prisoners good educational training.

Part of the activities to Mark this year’s birthday of the young business mogul is a Crusade he organized in his country home of Kala’a, Hong local government area of Adamawa state where thousands of people are in attendance.

The hope of many today rises high over Musa’s visit as many recalled how he empowered youths with business capitals, tricycles, facilitated jobs to many others in federal and state government agencies, he gave out cars to some individuals in the communities.

This year is also a pile of many wonderful surprises Musa is set to achieve as Kukuyada said.

“Giving is the hubby of this young man, I believe is one of the good reason God is opening more doors for him. There is no household as far as I know in Kala’a and environs that Emmanuel didn’t touch with his foundation.

” He has done so much to the extent we even lost count of all that is doing for humanity. No man can pay him back, only God. He is no doubt our Santa Claus -the Father Christmas of our time ” Godwin said.

He continues to say that after the Crusades tomorrow is going to be a beehive of activities to celebrate his birthday till December 25th.

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