Trace Reporters –The Director Corporate Communications and Public Affairs of Save Southern Kaduna Group (SSKG) , Mr Victor Mathew Bobai, has warned Southern Kaduna not to fall in the hands of politicians who will renege on the promises made to the electorate in 2023.
Bobai gave this warning during a Youth  stakeholders Political Awareness Meeting for good governance held in Kaduna , Yesterday.
Victor , who spoke on the entitled, “Know their Pedigree before Trusting Them Into Office ” , urged Southern Kaduna Youth  to watch out for the kind of politicians who seek their votes with empty promises and lies  “Not all that glitters is gold”
Bobai, who noted that politicians will soon begin to seek votes ahead of 2023 with fake promises and plenty lies , counseled Southern Kaduna Youth  to elect only those who have the interest of the masses at heart,with proven record of integrity and have invested genuinely in human capital development.
“Ahead of 2023, it is our counsel, it is our advice to Young Politicians  that you should watch out,don’t be deceived ,we are very experienced and some politicians will begin what they normally do, but let us keep in view that we shall elect those who remembered our people in their hearts and leaders who don’t make fake promises or create lies just to be elected, leaders with verified sources of income and leaders who have the fear of God”
“We need to work together to rescue our Senatorial district . Not for ourselves but for the future of generations yet unborn, we have a duty to ask questions and also get satisfying answers otherwise be careful who we entrust our Mandate in 2023″
“The substance of the presentation is that ,we should bring together all the possible candidate into a debate table  or listening to their manifesteos  , what they say they will do before becoming  their casualty tomorrow. We cannot but find ways to ensure that good governance that we all desire, we all work toward getting it. We cannot get it if we don’t verify our candidates”
“We counsel that those  who are currently in political offices should use the remaining period they have to rise up to their responsibilities, they should rise up and fulfil the promises they made to us before they were elected, otherwise vote them out regardless”
Speaking further, he admonished the political office holders to fulfill their electioneering in order to regain the confidence of the people.
He noted that the current developments in Kaduna and Nigeria have demoralised many People and find it difficult to trust others.
Barrister Aminu Musa , in his contribution, emphasized on the unity of Southern Kaduna , warning against votes wastes ,any candidate that knows he doesn’t have the voting capacity should ensure he or she goes into alliance with formidable candidate and negotiate properly for the future rather than making a particular political party who has failed us return back to power.
Barr.Aminu who is from Kafanchan ward B, but leave and work in Abuja, said we should be more united and love ourselves as a people ,it’s not good to go into dispensation without holding collective strength and interest together, otherwise, you can’t be able to solve your challenges facing your community.
Hon. Jacob Barnabas former Political Assistant during Arc.Namadi administration enjoined Southern Kaduna Youth  to develop themselves politically and be advocates of good governance, noted that the “Save Southern Kaduna Group” should collaborates with other organizations and  call for Southern Kaduna National Political Summit and seek for good governance.
He explained that resolutions at the summit would be transmitted to appropriate quarters and concerned authorities and therefore,the urgent needs for it
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