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Trace Reporters –The Director Public and Corporate Communications Save Southern Kaduna Group (SSKG) Mr Victor Mathew Bobai , has once again reiterated that Rt Hon. Isah Ashiru Kudan remains the best choice as Kaduna Gubernatorial candidate for the Peoples’ Democratic Party, (PDP), and the good people of Kaduna, for the 2023 election.

Bobai, made the call at the weekend when interacting with members of the Save Southern Kaduna Group , especially Youth and Women electorates who are interested of joining the Group to rescue Kaduna from the failed APC administration .

Addressing the crowd at the venue, Bobai, said he has no doubt in his mind that Ashiru remains the best choice for the PDP and the good people of Kaduna who are yearning for the real change.

“ I have no doubt in my mind that with Isah Ashiru and John Ayuba Kaduna and the PDP will be making the best choice and decision if we as a people truly wish to make abundant progress and return PDP to power come 2023, let me remind you that in 2019 your votes was counted but we failed to secure and defend our votes from various collation centers ,we voted and return back home thinking INEC will guarantee completely our votes ,the true is that some of the votes were tempered if not stolen ”

He further said “ the evidences are clear that Isah Ashiru of the Peoples Democratic Party garnered a total votes of 814,168 in 2019 but with the worst situation and poor leadership of the APC and how very insecure our state is , with high level of jobless people in every home ,poor educational drives , low investment and high level of taxation, destruction of people’s homes and business premises , Kidnapping and bandits situation across the 23 Local government areas, who in his conscious mind will vote the candidate of the APC in 2023 election ? “

” The choice is ours to make. The messages are also unambiguous but the decision remain solely ours, already we have a candidate that has been on the ballot and is coming with 814,168 , Elrufai wouldn’t be in the ballot again ,with our collective strength and determination before 12noon , the PDP would be declare winners “

He appealed to the PDP leadership to remember that Kadalites place so much hope on them; and such hope must not be dashed.

“Our party StrongMan in the PDP and leader of the Kaduna PDP , Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi , the Man leading the taking over of the seat of Sir Kashim Ibrahim House from the failed APC back to PDP (by 2023 Isah Ashiru and John Ayuba will be our governor and deputy ) must remember that Makarfi legacies and resolute for unity and fairness over the years in Kaduna has brought much love and great aspirations to must of us in the PDP,.

His choice and support for Muslim Christian leadership is a clear testimony that with PDP their is inclusiveness and we have great hopes , we are never to be deceive by the APC attack dogs who keep sending wrong narratives that Makarfi is this and that ,all in the efforts of getting him distracted, we are 100% aware of the dirty politics of blackmails employed by the APC agents “

“Makarfi and some few prominent Elders in the PDP are very determined to help return PDP back to power , Sincerely, your efforts are quite commendable and we should support the initiative led by the PDP State Chairman Hon. Felix Hassan Hyat leadership , challenging members of the PDP family on operation deliver your polling unit “

In conclusion , Mr Bobai ,also appreciate all the opposition parties especially, the Labour Party for their courage and sacrifices towards the rescue of our dear state Kaduna .

He advised, that the PDP has a mechanism of inclusivity in term of governance ” We should try to come together on the table and look at our values and strength in winning the election ,it’s therefore, imperative that all opposition party in Kaduna to come together and face out this menace called APC ,we should build a united front under the leadership of the PDP to harmoniously keep an open electoral relationship and at the end we can share and balance power , we can’t afford to allow our votes scatter and then give the APC opportunity,God forbid”

“We must ensure all hands are on deck and our campaign must be issue base with moral views , credible and transparent we shall overcome the APC falsehood” he added.

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