Onyekachukwu Mabel Adinkwu, Candidate of ADC, from Ndokwa East Constitency, Delta State House of Assembly
By Lola Seriki-Idahosa.. Trace Reporters–Onyekachukwu Mabel Adinkwu is from Ndokwa East, she revealed that she’s contesting to add value to her people, under ADC Party,  According to her politics is a means of helping the people Going further, she revealed that she has always been of help to the cause of her people and would love to take it further.
Because of the non-performance of successive lawmakers, She said Ndokwa nationality deserves more than they’re getting from the polity and the political class, she promised to make a different by making laws that will be favorable to all Ndokwa Nation.
 Onyekachukwu Mabel Adinkwu is a public servant, development practitioner, social commentator, and public affairs analyst. She has been among the loudest voices of Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls in Delta state.
She gives a brief about her journey into politics, and why she intends to serve as a lawmaker in the Delta State House of Assembly, as she intend to Represent the people of Ndokwa East Constituency hopefully come 2023. According to her, politics is a means to governing the people.
“My earnest desire and deep-seated  motivation are drawn from the fact that our people of Ndokwa nationality deserves more than they’re getting from the polity and the political class. The consistent and endless under- performance of successive administrations made it imperative for me to step forward to reverse the normalization self-aggrandizing governance and non- performance.
“It is time for NELGA to try something diametrically different.   We as a people must develop and demonstrate an indepth revulsion for mediocrity in governance and leadership. I humbly present myself to drive this change by the instrumentality of legislation.
“I have noted with pain the devious and deficient handling of public affairs by our political leaders. So, I  am here to make my people see that governance is not rocket science. Governance doesn’t take away the humanity and humaneness in us. Governance encapsulates compassion that drives the delivery of all that are lawfully due to the citizens, both the proletariat and the bourgeoisie.
“Being a leader doesn’t require a title; Having a title doesn’t make you one. Leadership is all about effective performance for visible and verifiable social development. I offer my humble self to do that for you from the House of Assembly.
 Her Biography
Onyekachukwu is a young passionate and energetic Nigerian woman with an undying commitment to the common good. She is passionate about the transformation of societies and has demonstrated that passion in all her public and private engagements.
As a public servant, Onyeka has been involved in initiating and managing various grassroots initiatives aimed at empowering the girl child in Ndokwa East and beyond and has served the people of Ndokwa East effectively through the office of the Special Assistant to the Chairperson on Child Right, Women Advocacy and Development, as well as via various public initiatives.
In her private engagements, Onyeka has been actively involved in several youth development initiatives seeking to improve the mental and social capacities of our young people and to improve their opportunities for growth and economic progress. Through the make Your Life Count Organization, she along with many other well-meaning Deltans have held high-impact leadership development and skills-building public events for young people in Delta state.
Onyekachukwu Mabel Adinkwu is a Ph.D. Student of the University of Benin, and currently holds a BSc in Botany, an MSc in Environmental Plant Physiology as well as various other professional and academic certificates including a Certificate in Emotional CPR and Compassionate Integrity. She is equally a Trained Trainer in the Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls. Onyeka is a development practitioner, social commentator, and public affairs analyst.

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