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….requesting American govt to investigate Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide crimes in Nigeria.

Trace Reporters  –Nigerians in Diaspora who are living in the United States as their country of residence have called on the Government of President Joe Biden to intervene in the present insecurity challenges bedeviling the country that is resulting in the killing of innocent citizens.

Waned over the daily reports of attacks on vulnerable communities have pushed concerned Nigerians to a meeting with Congressman Thomas Earl Emmer Jnr, US representative for Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District and extensively discussed issues relating to “Security problems in Nigeria, why the US should care and help.”

The meeting which was held in the School of public affairs at St cloud state university, Minnesota was a convergence meeting by Nigerian Academics, technocrats, and businessmen who sought ways the US government will help in fighting all forms of insecurity in the country.

The concerned Nigerians made a passionate request to Biden through Minnesota congressman, Thomas Earl Emmer because of the faith they are having on America.

They requested the following from the Congressman and the USA government to;

“Lean on the United Nations and other Human Rights organizations to investigate possible Human Rights Abuse, Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide crimes in Nigeria.

” Demand credible action in favor of the rule of law and equal protection of citizens by the Nigerian Government,
Offer and Assist the Nigerian Government in providing Justice to its citizens.

“Demand and ensure an end to Genocide, Kidnappings, and enslavement both in compliance with international law and also as a condition for maintaining the good relationship between the two countries.

“Help Nigeria in any meaningful way within your means and reach that we may not ourselves be aware of.”

Mr. Dick Daniel T. Andzenge, PhD
Professor, Criminal Justice and Victimology and a Director, Justice Research Center School of Public Affairs
St. Cloud State University St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA was the lead presenter and called on the American government to end the ongoing unjustifiable killings in many parts of Nigeria.

Dick in a slice presentation on the topic:”the security in Nigeria and why the US should care and help” said the high level of insecurity in Nigeria can grow like a wildfire to another country if they are not intervening in the worries of many Nigerians.

The University Don revealed the importance of what is happening in Nigeria to the USA and the world should be a concern not only to the American government but the entire government in the world.

While making his submission to the US Congressman, Tom Emmer, Andzenge said Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, with a population of about two hundred million people (200,000,000 ), and has the largest economy in Africa.

“Already more than 400,000 Nigerians are citizens residing in the USA, Nigeria is a plural society with more than 300 tribes and the country is divided almost equally between Muslims and Christians.

“Many of the ethnic groups in Nigeria also live in surrounding countries of Cameroon, Benin, Ghana, Niger, Chad, and other countries,” Andzenge said

He continued to say that because of US long history of economic development and military support is enough for America to have much interest in Nigeria

“The size of Nigeria and its population and economy makes developments in Nigeria very important to the USA and Major conflicts in Nigeria will significantly threaten USA interests
If Islamic terrorism takes roots in Nigeria, then the USA will continue to be a target.

“An outpouring of Refugees from English speaking Nigeria will be a burden to the USA, American global leadership will be threatened by terrorism in Nigeria that becomes a major regional crisis”. He added

The USA based Nigerian worried that the Ongoing problem in Nigeria has a broad scope of killings, the broad scope of Kidnappings on highways and of students, Enslavement and torture of young students, rape and forced marriage of young girls to terrorists
Enslavement and use of young girls as terrorist bombers.

Mr. Dick also said burning and destruction of total communities, destruction of Churches and none Muslim places of Worship, displacement of total Christian communities and Replacing them with alien Muslim or Fulani settlers and often renaming the communities, destruction of farm crops or feeding community crops to cattle and large numbers in Internally Displaced Person camps in recent times is telling Nigerians the government is unresponsive to the issues of insecurity.

Dickson in the meeting told Congressman Emmer that Nigerians on daily basis are being disappointed by the response of the Nigerian government.

He revealed that there are many reasons like Limited evidence of serious government response to killings, kidnappings, destruction of communities and Nigerians are more afraid that the military may be aiding and supporting terrorists

“The only non-military persons allowed to own and carry military-grade weapons are suspected terror herdsmen, large herds of cattle in major cities, on highways and on peasant farms grazing on farm crops, interrupting traffic and often attacking people without a response from the government are Evidence that the government may be fueling community conflicts and violence.

” If nothing tangible will not becoming from America, I’m afraid Nigerian Problems can easily become regional and global.

“The presence of Boko Haram, Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), Kala Kato, Izala, Islamic Movement Nigeria (IMN), and Movement for the Islamic Revival (MIR) some with allegiance to ISIS and other global terrorist groups is a major threat to the world.” He added

Also lending his voice to the request made to Tom Emmer President of Nigerians in Diaspora organization Americas (NIDOA) the USA, Minnesota chapter and the continental public relations Director of NIDOA, Mr. Zee Nagberi suggested to the Congressman to bring to the end the security challenges Nigeria is facing currently to the communities on African Affairs in the United States.

Calling him to have a round table on how they can intervene in unfortunate Nigeria situation is currently facing.

Zee is an entrepreneur in Minnesota, US he was glad when Tom Emmer responded that is going to talk to other Congressmen and women in the committee chairing

According to Zee that Mr. Emmer assured them to have more meetings shortly, possibly with more congressional members.

In his response, Tom Emmer shared that he had traveled to Africa in 2012 shortly after Boko Haram had attacked a school the US government have involved in many interventions and support programs in Nigeria.
“We were involved even then trying to ensure election integrity” working with different groups and NGOs. Like most of you know. Nigeria’s problems did not just begin a few years ago. These problems have been there for a long time, but lately, they have worsened!”

Tom revealed that he has been following the situation, activists have been in touch with his office over the last several months, he has been active on the issues affecting Nigeria working with his “Good friend Chris Smith” New Jersey Congressman and well-known advocate for the persecuted.

Congressman Emmer told Nigerians he had been part of the group of Congress members who sent a letter, headed up by Congressman Jody Nice. to Blinken. He also shared that they still do not have the answers they were seeking on how the situation is being monitored.

“I am not going to stop” Said Emmer. He then told the group of a dozen activists they could help them be even more effective!

Plans were discussed for possible remedies- Emmer said he smiled in agreement when he heard Andzenge specifically state he did not want an attack on Nigeria replying “As you know if you boycott, If you embargo, people on the top are not going to get hurt; it is the people who are struggling to survive.”

“These stories are just heart-wrenching” Congressman Tom Emmer is familiar with many of the stories over the last several years, mentioning middle belt Nigerians forced into fighting off AK47s with slingshots and Leah Sharibu.

He also stated it is very impactful to hear first-hand accounts from actual survivors of some of these horrific attacks, not just reading them.

Emmer said he believes there will be a breakthrough in Congress in the next several months and they will begin to go back to what matters “a coherent, cohesive foreign policy and understandable economic policies.” also suggesting we have a follow-up meeting.

He fully supports the efforts of the Nigerian group in the US, saying it doesn’t matter “…if it is Nigeria, United States or any other country on the planet, everyone should be afforded equal protection under the law.” Clearly stating “This is the problem.”

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