….Centre LSD in a pilot project enrolls 960 girl child back to school in three LGAs

Trace Reporters –The pilot scheme project of Malala Foundation with a target to enroll one thousand schoolgirls back to school has witnessed tremendous success in Adamawa state.

The project which selected one local government from the three Adamawa state senatorial zones to include;Southern, Central, and North have succeeded to enrolled back to school nine hundred and sixty girls.

The focused local government areas of Numan from the Southern zone, Song from the central zone, and Maiha selected from the Northern zone received the intervention of the African Centre For Leadership and Strategy Development and supported by Malala Fund.

The Executive Director of Malala Fund, Monday Osasa while addressing stakeholders in Song stakeholders meeting stressed the importance of girl child education as they can be strong pillars of family support and nation-building.

Monday while appreciating the role of traditional and community leaders for their relentless effort to the success of the project, he called on parents and stakeholders to encourage girl child education at all levels.

It was a hurrah and hymnal of thanks by the Chairman of song local government who was represented by Obadiah Audu to MALALA Fund for establishing the project and considering their area as one of the most needed to encourage girl child education.

Others who lent their voices of appreciation are the Wakili Song, Ibrahim Sa’ad, and stated that the girl child education is Paramount and it should be encouraged, he calls on the parent to release their girl child to be freely educated.

Mairo .M. Dagalala, Wakiliya Mboi also appreciated the Malala Foundation and center LSD for coming in the nick of time to rescue many school girls who for one reason or the other are not in school.

“As a mother, I’m calling on all parents to ensure their wards are enrolled back to school for them to be educated especially the girl child.

” The girl child education is Paramount in this era, I played a role and have registered Some girls for the free education provided by Malala Foundation,” Mairo said

In a town hall meeting in Mubi, last Monday organized by Centre LSD with traditional leaders, stakeholders, and government officials from Maiha local government in attendance were praises showered to Malala foundation for rescuing out of school girls back to school.

The feat was described by the village head of Manjekin, Ardo Musa Ji Bulama as a gesture that will surely secure the future of the next generation.

Adding his voice to the development, Mr
Monday said the rationale behind the attention being given to the north is because out of the number of out-of-school girls, 60 percent are in the north calling for serious action to address the challenge.

He further explained that far-reaching measures to ensure enrollment of more girls were taken including house to house campaign, opening of register of out-of-school children by traditional rulers, and incorporating the wives of the paramount traditional rulers in the drive to enroll more girls into schools.

“The girls out of school in the north is numerous and countless but with the assistance of MALALA Fund has demolished the era of illiteracy in Adamawa.” He said

Also, a one-day town hall meeting on the community-led Collective Action for girls education in the Adamawa State took place in Numan, Monday Mr. Osasa revealed that the center needs only forty more enrolments to attain its target of 1000 girls child enrollment in the state.

He noted that the program which is coming to an end in February 2022 is a two-year project in the state organized by the Center LSD and supported by Malala Fund.

The project according to the Numan local government chairman, Mr. Innocent Koto, Wakili Numan, Godwin Philemon, and Chairman Numan local government education committee, Pwanedo Jediel stressed the need to get out-of-school girls into schools to secure the future generation.

The chairman who was represented by the secretary of the council, Nagapiya Florida thanked the Center LSD and Malala fund for the excellent work they are doing in promoting the well-being of the girl child.

He promised to communicate the far-reaching measures taken to the council chairman expressing confidence that the chairman will act accordingly because of the importance he attached to education.

One of the beneficiaries of the Malala fund’s gesture Jael Yoila enrolled in a safe space, Imburu, while appreciating the Fund noted that it availed her with a second opportunity to run a fulfilled life after nearly losing hope on life.

She said apart from being enrolled back into school, the fund has provided her with training on various vocations including how to make a cake, Vaseline, Shampoo, and other products, noting that with such support, she can now pick all her bills.

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