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By Lola Seriki Idahosa, Trace Reporters –Tangale Intelligentsia Movement (TIM) has pass vote of no confidence on the All Progressive Party (APC) Stakeholders from Gombe South, saying that Governor Inuwa Yahaya remains a monumental failure in the eyes of the entire people of Gombe State.
This was contained in a press statement made available to Tracereporters in kaduna in Wednesday and signed by Cmrd. Benjamin Dangoma Tanglang: Organizing Sec and I.Y. Mela Esq.: Publicity Sec.
Below is the full Press Release
“We were shocked, though not surprised by the shameful and unpatriotic display of cowardice by the Gombe South APC STAKEHOLDERS on the 18th September, 2021 at GGSS Kaltungo. The outcome of that meeting is unbecoming of any true son or daughter of the zone.
In their communiqué, they claimed to have “critically assessed and evaluated” the performance of Governor Inuwa Yahaya and thereafter adjudged him to have fulfilled all his Campaign promises.
The question that begs for answer is who made them Judges over the performance of the Governor when they themselves are under review and their performance is grossly below expectations. Though we know that a failure will always want to feel good by praising the failures of his friends just to make them feel safe and comfortable around one another.
We want to inform the group of selfish politicians who passed a Vote of Confidence on Governor Inuwa Yahaya that the only reason why APC is the Government in Power in Gombe State is simply because we felt betrayed by PDP, therefore gave a protest vote to the APC. The will power of the people is beyond you or your selfish ambitions.
Let us start with the campaign promises they claimed to have relied on. Governor Inuwa Yahaya promised to make farming very attractive in Gombe State by supporting farmers, TIM carried out an independent verifiable survey and the farmers in Gombe South decried lack of attention from this government to the extent that some of them are leaving farming because they are used to support from previous governments.
There was also the issue of Local government autonomy and ensuring that democracy thrives at the grassroot. Governor Yahaya reiterated this position on 17th December, 2020 during a state wide broadcast that: ”As the third tier of government and the one that is closest to the grassroots, our local governments deserve the highest priority. Therefore, the decision on who governs them and how they should be governed is a matter of great priority”. Dear stakeholders, do you remember how you were arm-twisted during the party primaries? I remember how Balanga came with two lists of candidates because he (the governor) does not respect your opinions. We all remember how there was no elections anywhere in the Local government areas. He also established a Joint Projects Development Agency to further subdue the Local councils.
He also promised during his campaigns that he will run an all-inclusive government without discrimination based on religion or ethnicity. That development will be spread across board without any bias. We have counted the number of roads constructed in Jeka da fari, but found none in Tumfure, because Tumfure is predominantly Gombe South people.
Another campaign promise was that the government will respect democratic principles and allow Gombe State people to choose for themselves what they want. He admonished the people of Gombe in the same broadcast of 17th December 2020 with the following words: “Elections, like every other contest, must have winners and losers. It is not a do-or-die affair. At the end of the process, every side should respect and accept the will of the people and move on”. We challenge these stakeholders to tell the people of Gombe South if the actions and inactions of the governor during and after the election of Mai Tangle on the 15th February, 2021 fulfills the above statement.
In the said communiqué they mentioned high level appointments as one of the benefits enjoyed by the zone. We found that absurd because these individuals were witnesses to the following:
1. The outright denial to make Mela Audu Nunghe (SAN) the Attorney General of Gombe State because of his origin and faith.
2. The refusal to make My Lord Hon. Justice Beatrice Lazarus Iliya the Chief Judge of Gombe State, despite being the most qualified.
3. The appointment of one Adamu Maitama a Hausa young man who resides in Billiri, as Deputy Chief of staff (Gombe South)
Which high level appointments are they exactly referring to please?
We are completely thrilled at the shameful display of arrogance by this people because for two years they had no voice and suddenly they have found their voices to announce confidence on an unfruitful Governor. It is obvious that election is around the corner.
Early this year, the Governor sponsored the biggest scam in history that led to the destruction of lives and property and the imposition of a loser as Mai Tangle. Till date, almost 20 innocent souls are languishing in Prison while others are exiled, and BOOM their leaders are hailing and honoring the same Governor with accolades. Are we serious at all?
The said Vote of Confidence passed on Saturday the 18th day of September only represent their individual selfish interests that will ultimately culminate into defeat and doom for their political party.
Governor Inuwa Yahaya remains a monumental failure in the eyes of the entire people of Gombe State except of course, the selfish ones who expressed confidence in him and endorsed him for second term. Out of the 3 senatorial districts of Gombe State, only Gombe South stakeholders passed a Vote of Confidence on the Governor to the point of presenting a certificate in his office on the 20th September 2021 led by Sen. B.K. Amos of all people. You see why we are not taken seriously?
On the issue of Peace, Gombe south has witnessed and is still witnessing its worst of all times. Some villages (Nyuwar/Jessu) were attacked and all the inhabitants displaced, yet nothing happened because the affected lives are indigenous people and no mosque was affected. The same thing happened in Shongom, it did not provoke the governor or moved him to action as he did in February.  However, a number of mosques were affected in Billiri (regrettably so) by a sponsored thugs/hoodlums and a doctored report said 33 mosques were affected and hundreds of millions have already gone out as compensation.  We all know that there is no Local Government Headquarters that has 33 mosques in Gombe State how much more of Billiri where over 90% of the people there are Christians. Were these issues mentioned, considered and reviewed during the so-called town hall meeting?
We are convinced that this Kangaroo arrangements are all geared toward rigging the 2023 election because they have nothing to show. Be assured that the good people of Gombe South will stop at nothing to ensure your evil plans and that of this insensitive government do not see the light of the day.
We cannot support a Governor whose Agenda is glaringly sentimental, only interested in entrenching Sharia and Subject our people to the harsh weather of extremism and dictatorship. If these so-called stakeholders are not foresighted and sensible enough to see what is coming, then they must understand that “OUR MUMU DON DO”. The same wind that brought you in 2019 will soon return you to where you came from.
Long live Gombe South
Long live Gombe State
Cmrd. Benjamin Dangoma Tanglang: Organizing Sec
I.Y. Mela Esq.: Publicity Sec
21st September 2021.
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