KadPoly Alumni Association Inaugurates 7 Committees, Seeks Members Support 

By Lola Seriki Idahosa Kaduna, Trace Reporters –Kaduna Polytechnic Alumni Association (KPTAA) has appealed for the support of its members all over the world, in order to succeed in its programmes.


National President of KPTAA, Hon. Abba Anas Adamu made the call while inaugurating Adhoc/Standing Committees of the association on Thursday August 26 at the Hadi Auwal Hall, Main Campus of Kaduna Polytechnic, Tudun Wada, Kaduna.


The seven committees include  Finance and General Purpose committee, Research and Development committee, Networking and membership committee, International Relations committee, Disciplinary Committee, Publicity committee, and Compendium committee.

He said an alumni Association, like ours, is a rallying point for the injection of ideas, growth and even ideas for the forward movement of its almamata.

According to him, “It is important to state that members of the National Executive Committee of Kaduna polytechnic alumni association cannot do it alone.

“We need the help of our members and well-wishers to succeed. We shall therefore, always call upon persons willing to work for the promotion of the objectives of the association to lend their support not just from time-to-time but always,” he said.

Hon. Adamu described the inauguration of the committees as a step towards revitalisation of the association.

“Today, we take another step in our match towards a stronger Alumni Association and a revitalised Kaduna Polytechnic.
“All of us in this hall are therefore part of this momentous history,” he added.
He explained that the inaugurated committees are intended to achieve several purposes, including creating structures.

“The first purpose for the inauguration of these committees is to abide by the letter of our laws as Section 5.7 of our constitution provides for these committees.

“Our constitution, a democratic document, provides for popular structures that will help to deepen membership participation.
“Therefore, I hope that those of you being committed to this responsibilities today will count it an honour to offer your experiences and skills to the Alumni Association and Kaduna Polytechnic,” he added.

The National President pointed out that an alumni association can only be strong if it has a vibrant membership.

“And no matter how successful individual alumni are, if they distance themselves from their alumni, or its activities, they deny such institution of that light it can shine with because the alumni ought to be the pride of any institution and provide the base for its future growth.

“That is why many institutions always collaborate with their alumni associations as their objectives converge on the the overall good of the institution,” he noted.
He expressed delight that constant liaison with the management of Kaduna Polytechnic regarding problems and solutions of the institution’s problems is yeilding desired results.

“When the alumni association organised a retreat to identify in concrete terms the problems of Kaduna Polytechnic, the management of Kaduna Polytechnic were involved fully: they gave us assistance of cash, bus and the Rector led the discussion of the problems of the Institution.

“We cannot remember how many times the directorate of Polytechnic Advancement, which has placed itself at our disposal, has rendered us support and in some cases, guidance,” he said.

He regretted that the association was inactive for several years, expressing optimism that with the new excos, they have got the ground running.

“Fellow alumni, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, having beenmoribund for over 16 years, the alumni association indeed needsguidance and institutional support.
“The polytechnic management called the first meeting that birthed the caretaker committee that marked the revitalisation of our beloved association.

“While we remain grateful to it,members must remember that growing the association is our responsibility. That is why to succeed the National Executive Committee runs an all inclusive leadership process which today’s event is a also a manifestation.

“With all our desire to live the association a strong and veritable successful platform for members, certain variables are outside of our control but which we must always strife to conquer.

“For instance, immediately after our inauguration as an executive, COVID 19 and its restrictions conquered the social space which invariably froze social and economic activities.

“We lost almost a year due to the restrictions and particularly travel restrictions that followed. This greatly affected our activities as we lost months due to inactivity.Ironically, COVID-19 provided us with our first activity.

“We provided support to not only our members but indigent neighbouring community members, students and staff of Kaduna Polytechnic during the difficult times of COVID. This support was essentially in the form of food stuff, namely rice, beans, and semovita; and also facemasks and shields.

“We were also able to identify some prominent old students of Kaduna Polytechnic and we are currently in liaison with some and determining our working relationship with others.
“It is this liaison that led to the earlier mentioned national retreat of some stakeholders in Abuja in March this year.
“The meeting enabled us to identify problems of Kaduna Polytechnic in a more structured nature and mapped out some solutions on the spot.

“A strategic committee which is part of the outcome of the retreat has submitted a report for a more detailed action plan,” he recalled.

He informed that at the retreat, decision was taken for the upgrading of courses offered in Kaduna Polytechnic.

“The retreat set up a committee headed by Senator Abdullahi Adamu to liaise with the National Assembly with the view to allowing Kaduna Polytechnic to run degree programmes up to professorial chairs alongside existing National Diploma programmes.

“This will strengthen the services offered by Kaduna Polytechnic and retain quality staff who ordinarily move to university environments that offer better career prospects.

“To ensure wider participation and membership spread, the NEXCO is in the process of extending the spread of state branches of the association.

“Accordingly, we have begun inauguration of state branches on zonal basis.
“Already, Nassarawa State branch was inaugurated on 18th July,2021, while Jigawa, Kano, Katsina and Sokoto State branches  on there  12th and 13th inaugurated August, 2021.

“States that we earlier set up caretaker committees for and their constitutional tenures are overdue are being encouraged to conduct elections as provided by our laws: Kaduna State, FCT and Plateau State branches have been written letters directing them to transit to substantive structures,” he added.

According to him, in order to benefit from the experiences of other alumni associations, they have joined the Forum of Nigeria Polytechnic Alumni Associations (FONPAA).

“We attended its last meeting at the Federal Polytechnic, Nassarawa, on the 16th to 18th July, 2021.

“The next meeting has been slated to be hosted by us, Kaduna Polytechnic Alumni Association in November 2021.

“I sincerely hope that members shall give the NEXCO all the necessary support as we host this important event.

“The event is planned to coincide with the foundation laying ceremony of our alumni secretariat.

“The secretariat, it is hoped, shall not only be a working space for the National Executive members, but a rallying point for all members and lovers of Kaduna Polytechnic and its Alumni Association,” he assured.

He praised the national executive committee of the association for the gains recorded so far.

“Whatever the association is able to do, it is with the efforts of all members of the National Executive committee.

“I will therefore, seize this opportunity to thank all NEXCO members for their efforts individually and collectively. !want to urge you to redouble your efforts so that we can achieve more with in the little time remaining for us.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the little we were able to do will be better enhanced with the inauguration of some committees today,” he said.

He therefore,  inaugurated standing committees of Finance and General Purpose, Research and Development, Networking and membership, International Relations, Disciplinary and publicity committees; and an adhoc committee on the compilation of a compendium of prominent alumni of Kaduna Polytechnic.

“I employ members of these committees to note that they were carefully selected amongst thousands of graduates of Kaduna Polytechnic based on their experiences and perceived capabilities.
“Many were called to Kaduna Polytechnic but only few where chosen as committee members of the alumni. .

“I therefore, hope members of these committees shall put in their utmost based so that we can make Kaduna Polytechnic a better place for our children and our children’s children.

“I hope that you shall discharge your work for the benefit of humanity and the Kaduna Polytechnic family,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of the inaugurated committees, Dr. Lateef Yinka Shittu  said that they  would ensure the tasks before them are delivered.
He said Kaduna Polytechnic is Central to him and other Alumni.
“I have done Masters, I have done my PhD and I am proud of Kaduna Polytechnic, let us all be proud of our institution that made us what we are today,” he declared.

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