Hon. Delu Bulus Yakubu

Trace Reporters –Seeing how women in Nigeria and across the world are given impressive leadership qualities and styles, a female politician in Adamawa, Hon. Delu Bulus Yakubu has called for a support base for women folks who are into politics in the country.

Hon Delu who is a grassroots politician and a renowned philanthropist has advocated that women have proven to be the best leaders in the world in recent times.

Citing the likes of Okonju Iweala, Senator Aishatu Ahmed Dahiru Binani, Senator Binta Masi Garba, Hajiya Binta Garba (A successful bank General Manager),Sen Grace Ben , Amb Fatima Balla Goni, Mrs Anna Sini , Hajiya Faridah sudangi as examples of successful politicians and career women in their respective places of calling.

Yakubu said this while marking the birthday celebration of Salomi Rejoice Ishaku, President and converner of young women in Nigerian politics in her Abuja residence.

According to her the good spirit of leadership talent in young female politicians like Rejoice should not be damped but supported to gear them up to leadership positions.

She extolled Salomi as one promising Nigerian that is carrying the future of women politicians on their shoulders with a hope to have a better country.

The Adamawa-born female politician recalls how a fellow woman, Ambassador Ginika Tor noticed her leadership gift and recommended her for the Youth initiative movement, an international organization aimed at helping the youth assume the true leaders of tomorrow dream.

“What Ambassador Tor did to me is exactly what I’m calling on women politicians in the country to support our own, push women folks into places of responsibilities, I tell you we have the best, we can give the best and we are hard-working, having a sense of integrity, sincerity, and intelligence to make a huge difference the country needs.

” This is what i have been thought to do in order to compliment the Men holding the helms of leadership affairs in the country ” Delu said

While appreciating the gesture and the honor done to her to mark her birthday, Miss Salomi said she owes it all to Mrs. James who is more of a Mother, mentoring her in politics and inculcating the norms, virtues of godliness into her.

“Mommy I can’t thank you enough, you are always there for me. I truly owe it all to you. God will bless you and keep you for the sake of the downtrodden you are selflessness serving.” Rejoice said

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