The new PHC located at Unguwan-Tudu, Igabi local government kaduna state

Trace Reporters –Maternal mortality; Thousands of Kaduna  Dwellers jubilate as State Government  lunched a new PHC to reduce Women and Children’s death.

The Village head of Kurmin -kaduna Alhaji  Umar Adam, applauded kaduna state Government in conjunction with Sustainable Development  Goals SDG for constructing a new health facility which is located  at unguwan-Tudu at Igabi local government kaduna state north western Nigeria.

According to the him, there are at least  7 communities with over 10,000 residents  with  different ethnic and cultural  background that are going to benefit from the PHC, which are Hausa-fulani, Gwari, Adara, Yoruba and other tribes in the area.

Adding that it would surely reduce the number of women and children’s that are dying in the community as a result of lack of health facility

He recalled that every year, many women and children died due to lack of PHC in the communities, while many husband lost their wives while trying to cross the River through the local canoes to go to the near by hospital.

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