Hon. Adwawa Dongolok, Adamawa Lawmaker from Guyuk

Not until of recent, in Guyuk local government, a constituency of Adamawa House of Assembly have witnessed an impressive and massive presence of Government projects in all its ten political wards. This is because the Man in the saddle of affairs is having the breadth of view and farsightedness to make a worthwhile history, representing with a brass bound and infrangible bills, laws and motions, contributing his best in the area of legislation to give back his people stewardship service of trust in the state Assembly affairs.

His thought of the land envisioned by passed leaders, a land that ought to be flowing with milk and honey but ineptitude has hazard down beautiful Guyuk with much underdevelopment. This gave the lawmaker a curative mindset to came up with his rescue mission of salvaging the area.

Hon. Adwawa Dongolok is the Man, the star lawmaker and the Member Representing Guyuk Constituency of Guyuk Local Government area of Adamawa state. In two years, the Young and promising Lawmaker have done quite a number of things that a common Man in the street of his constituency can attest he has done well, his stewardship is a true service to his electorates who gave him the mandate to serve.

His score Card in his two years in Office, occupying the seat with the staunch passion to leave a historic and indelible records of representation are loud to the deaf, visible seen to the blind.

Given the background that since the return of democracy in 1999, there has been a recurrent and sustained progression with regards to the performance of the state legislation across Adamawa by various lawmakers representing twenty five Constituencies of the state. The constituency are no doubt having their respective stories to tell, for the people of Guyuk is a story of well done job by a good Ambassador of the area. The good people of Guyuk Constituency are enjoying the milk and honey of sending their son to represent them at the Adamawa State House of Assembly.

This is an indication that not all hope is lost, when it comes to the choice of who is able to do what is right and in what capacity he is doing what he is doing as far as democracy is concern.

In just two years of his tenure, his score card is overflowing with generosity of the dividends of democracy for his people and laws are positively tailored towards the betterment and development of his constituency and the state at large.

At this junction, permit me to intimate you with the two years summary of Hon. Adwawa Dongolok achievements in office as the member representing Guyuk constituency Adamawa State.


The primary function of a legislature is to make law that will positively affect his constituency and the state at large.

1. In two years, Hon. Adwawa has three bills, two resolution, 15 co-sponsored bills, sponsored 10 motion and contributed in deliberation of good government policy and programs.

1. General re-electrification and installation of street light to Chikila Ward and it’s environs.

2. Facilitation of Electrification of Tsalbu of Dumna Ward.
3. Hon. Adwawa approved the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand naira for repairing of Falu transformer at Dukul ward.
4. General re-electrification of Gunda Community, Lokoro Ward.
5. Donation of brand new transformer to the good people of Gunda, Lokoro Ward.
6. Hon. Member also replaced the remaining 40 wooden poles with Concrete Poles in Chikila Ward.
7. Hon. Adwawa revived street lights at Guyuk township in order to beautify and curb the menace of insecurity and criminality.

1. Hon. Adwawa Dongolok embarked on medical outreach, free Laboratory test, and investigation at Dangir- Tudu of Chikila ward.
2. Completion of Clinic at Arateh, Bobini district.
3. Construction of modern and standard clinic at Gugu, Banjiram ward.
4. Hon. Adwawa Dongolok provided medical health Facilities to the two hospitals at Arateh Bobini district and Gugu, Banjiram ward.
5. Donation of Malarial drugs and mosquito Nets across the ten wards in his constituency.

1. Hon. Adwawa Dongolok has facilitated the rural roads of commuters, construction of Kola to Boshikiri and Dukul ward, which is in collaboration of State Government and RAMP II (World Bank Assisted Project) Awarded by the Fresh Air Governor H. E. Rt Hon. Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri was facilitated by the Fresh Air Member Hon. Adwawa Dongolok.
2. Sand filling of some major difficult spot’s on Banjiram and Chikila roads.
3. The Hon. Member lobbied for the construction of 3.5 kilometer road in Guyuk. The roads are G.R.A linking to Cottage , Nanet road linking to Air Commodore Dan Suleiman Resident down to bank road Guyuk L.G.A, very soon work will commenced.

Education Sector
1. Hon adwawa Dongolok made a resolution for Adamawa State University Study centre in Guyuk Constituency.
2. He again moved a motion of Guyuk Business and Engineering Skills Training Center (BEST CENTRE) to be upgraded to Government Science and Technical College.

3. Hon. Adwawa Dongolok has established a scheme which is popularly known as “Adwawa Education Scheme ” which captures more than one hundred and fifty (150) beneficiaries across the ten (10) wards of Guyuk Local government area.

4. Hon. Adwawa Dongolok distributed Free JAMB forms, writing materials and past questions and answers to more than 200 students across his constituency.

5. He renovated the Examination Hall of GDSS Burthi of Dumna ward.
6. He contributed Five hundred thousand naira to the completion of Kola Examination Hall.

7. Facilitation of more than three blocks of classrooms with office at Sili Kasa, Zakwawon, Boshikiri, Duwa, Dumna, kola etc.

8. Hon. Adwawa built three blocks of classrooms with office and rest room at Dangir Tudu of Chikila Ward.

9. Hon. Adwawa donated Fifty (50) plastic chairs, three (3) modern executive desks and six modern executive chair to NUT office Guyuk Branch.

1. Hon. Adwawa Dongolok drilled and installed industrial boreholes at Nyaya, Mararaban Guyuk Of Purakayo ward,Mararaban Bobini, Maraban Kola, Gombawa/Nasarawo, Calvary Baptist Church Guyuk, Pwalamolye, Sauka, Zakawon, Jankaram, chakawo, LCCN no. 4, replacement and rehabilitation of Bank road Borehole etc.

2. Hon. Member refurbished more than twenty (20) boreholes in his constituency.

3. Hon. Adwawa electrified Chakawo borehole which was abandoned for long.
4.Hon. Adwawa donated more than Fifty (52) water pumps.

5.Hon. Adwawa facilitated industrial boreholes to constituency from UBEC among others.

1. Hon Adwawa Dongolok has equitably distributed food and non-food items during Christmas and Sallah to Christian and Muslim respectively in his constituency.

2. Hon. Adwawa as his constituents always call him Fresh Air, Mai capacity, welfare Master make so many contributions in terms of monetary and clothing from the day he assumed office up to date.

3. Hon. Adwawa provided palliative and preventive items to his constituency during the covid 19 outbreak.

4. Hon. Adwawa donated brand new Toyota Siena Bus to Christian Association of Nigeria CAN Guyuk Branch.

5. Hon. Adwawa donated brand new Toyota Corolla to Muslim Council of Nigeria Guyuk Branch.

6. Hon. Adwawa donated footballs to more than twenty clubs across his constituency.

7. During the communal clash between Waja and Lunguda Hon. Adwawa donated cows, food items and non-food items with a lot financial aspect (CASH) to the IDPs both in Guyuk and Dumna.

1. Hon. Adwawa lobbied for social intervention program YESSO in which will last till October 2021, which more than two hundred and fifty beneficiaries collect stipend of 7500 naira monthly after collecting the startup of 41,500 naira each before his inauguration into office.
2. Hon. Adwawa lobbied and got 27 people employed under RAMP II which each of them collect stipend of 20 thousands naira monthly.
3. He still lobbied from PAWECO in which many are beneficiaries.

1. Hon. Adwawa Dongolok donated a brand new Hilux to our dear Hunters / Vigilante group in his constituency.
2.Hon. Adwawa purchased quality Jungle boats, security touch lights, security whistles to our lovely hunter/Vigilante group.

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