KASU: An Open Letter To Gov. el-Rufai On Tuition Fees Increment   


Dear Sir,

1. The 500% school fees increment is a threat to the education sector and also to the education of the poor masses in
the STATE.
In respect to the above subject matter, we wish to send an open letter to your humble office

2. Many government officials, NGOS, religious leaders, Traditional rulers and others have been advocating for a
better society through education, a lot of them thought when the youth are been given good education a lot of social
vices will be reduced, it’s obvious that in the Northen part of Nigeria this social vices are common even on the
street, a lot thought we are far-far left behind in education that’s why this things have been happening and now
government are trying to implement a lot of policies that will hindered the rate of poor children from going to school which will generate too much problem than before.

3. Education have been a civil and social right that every citizen is entitle to acquire constitutionally.

4. Our campus are very weak in terms of infrastructures and educational materials that we cannot deny.

It’s obvious that the Kaduna State University, being a state tertiary institution only benefitted from 70% built
structures from TETfund and NEEDS federal interventions.

5. The Kaduna State University has talked about linking the fees increment to the scholarships of 109k that is
inaccessible by the students, From records, Only 2, 310 out of more than 21,000 students have benefited from the
scholarship from 2017 to 2021.

Since the fees increment is premised on that, the government should rather use that money set for the scholarships to
fund the school.

6. Comparatively, other state institutions like the Kano State University of Science and Technology pay the sum of
21,000 to 22,000 for indigenes and non-indigenes pay the sum of 52,000. Similarly, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida
University Lapai, indigenes pay the sum of 57,500 for new students and 27,500 returning students while non-
indigene pay 93,000 for new students and 55,000 for returning students.
Yobe State University, indigenes pay a range of 28,000 to 35,000 in social sciences and science, respectively, while
non-indigenes pay a range of 60,000 to 75,000, Jigawa state University has just activate free educations its females
students studying in the institution, while the male students pays a tuition fees of 8,750 and these applies to most of
the state own universities in the country.

7. Kaduna State being the center of leaming and headquarters of the core Northern states, where there is poor access to western education, where insecurity and other social vices have thwarted the education sector considerably, any hike in tuition fees will merely aggravate the worsened situations. With the recent revelation from the armed bandits that one of the reasons that get them into what they are doing is lack of access to formal education, then with the
current proposed fee, what will happen to the children of the poor if they eventually drop out of school???

8. In Kaduna’ State, many civil servants were retrenched due to the right sizing of the government the monthly
income is no longer available, how and where will they get what to cat talk more of sourcing a minimum of one
hundred and fifty thousand naira as fees??

9. Evidently, there is economic crisis in Nigeria, if the government is feeling the heat, what of a poor man that relied on government’s monthly salary or a petty trader that relies on daily N500 naira income?

10. The Current Government’s promised to make formal education more accessible to all the people of Kaduna State, Among it Campaign promises which he had tried making a move but this hike in fees will reduce the number of those accessing formal education, which will increase number of secondaries in the state and according to the state law, they have no room in state civil service.

11. furthermore, for the medical students that a sum of 300/00 naira was proposed to he their school fees.

It is on this note we remind his Excellency that the monthly allocation/bond for medical students has been cancelled,
which most of the poor students totally relied on.

Currently, most of the prospective Medical Doctors from Kaduna State that will be graduating this year will not practice in Kaduna state because there is no more monthly bond.

How can these students afford to pay 300,000?

Naira when most of them relied on the previous monthly allowance to raise their tuition fees.

12, The government should look for other sources of income in the university not totally relying on tuition fee, if the
government can trust us (union leaders), we can come up with a proposal which can be used in generating income, it has been done in different universities and has yielded positive results.

13. We are not out to fight, nor cause any damages but rather hoping this will bc a proper channel to air our cries, we strongly believe that government will surely not support any policy that can lead to massive number of students to drop out from the university. We also hope and strongly remain optimistic that the Kaduna state government will be in our favour and not against our collective views.

At this Juncture we are also soliciting support from the general public towards this issue at hand.

Abubakar Buhari Londna
President National Association of Science Students (NASS)
Kasu- chapter

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