It is already a month since our brothers and sisters started the important Islamic pillar of the Fast of Ramadan. We had sent messages of well-wishes because we know the importance of faith and spiritual disciplines in human relationships. We rejoice with all Tangale Muslims in this important landmark of the faith and pray for a restful and peaceful consummation of the Fast in the festivities of Eid al Fitr.

In fact, this season brings back memories of Sallah and Christmas celebrations in Tangale land. It has always been a time of celebration and sharing of goodwill among our people. We all know that when people are spiritually attuned, they tend to have a better outlook on life and the most important things of life. One of the unique qualities that separate human beings from animals is our spiritual consciousness usually expressed in religion. All the Abrahamic religions have held on to some moral ideals to which we all aspire. It is on account of those shared moralities and values that we express well-wishes for each other when religious events are celebrated by one of these faith traditions.

We use special days such as Eid al Fitr to reaffirm our commitment to those moral values to adhere to and challenge each other to live up to those religious values that have held us together over the centuries. We do so, knowing fully well that there are always some individuals who hide under the guise of religion to do evil and cause division among people and especially, among families. We hereby reject such people in Tangale, whether they are politicians or people simply seeking self-aggrandizement at the expense of the community. We will always expose those who seek to impose their ideologies or religious views on others in Tangale land. We believe in the freedom of religion, and that every Tangale person must be free to practice whatever faith they choose. We will continue to draw the attention of our brothers and sisters when we see or perceive the strategy of divide and conquer from our enemies.

The Tangale nation is today celebrating the end of the Fast of Ramadan as its sons and daughters of the Islamic faith celebrate Eid al Fitr. We wish you a very peaceful celebration and pray that God grants you the privilege to see next year’s event.



Lamela Umaru Lakorok
General Secretary,
For Tangale Community Overseas (TCO)

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