Trace Reporters –Nigerian Association for the Blind, Kaduna State Chapter has appealed to Kaduna State Government to as a matter of urgency pay the entertainments of their recent retired members to ease their hardship.

Speaking to Journalists at the Nigeria Union of Journalists Secretariat, of Kaduna State Council, the Public Relations Officer of the association, Mallam Ismail Abubakar said about thirty of their members were issued with retirements and sacking letters.

He lamented that most of their members attended vocational training centers both in Kaduna and Lagos states and they have not reached the age of retirement in civil service but they were issued with retirement letters while other members were sacked.

Mallam Ismail Abubakar further explained that sacking and retiring of their members would force them into streets begging dispite the fact that there are existing laws against begging in the state.

The Public Relations Officer explained that about sixty of their members that were sacked and retired in twenty sixteen were yet to receive their entertainments.

He appealed to Kaduna State Governor, Nasiru Ahmed Elrufai to come to their aids looking at their conditions as the heads of their families and this holy month of Ramàdan to pay their entitlements and reversed the decision of sacking of workers in the state.

In an interview, Abdulhameed Yakubu from Kaduna North and Mallam Ibrahim Rabiu from Zaria Local Government lamented that they were retired in 2016 and their entitlements were not paid up to date.

Mallam Ibrahim Rabiu explained that from twenty sixteen to date he loss both his wife and a daughter due to inability to pay for blood transfusion of his daughter.

He added that now he is homeless because his landlord offered him with a quite notice letter.

Among the victims of this April retirement, Hauwa Hassan who worked for twenty six years at Kaduna North Local Government said she accepted the retirement in good faith but appealed to the government to pay them their entitlements on time in order to go into businesses to take care of school fees of their childrens and their feedings.

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