Adamawa former commissioner of Finance, Alhaji Mahmoud Sali Yunusa.

Trace Reporters  –A passionate call was made by Adamawa former commissioner of Finance, Alhaji Mahmoud Sali Yunusa for all Muslims Ummah across the length and breadth of Nigeria to use the year’s Holy Month of Ramadan to pray for God’s divine intervention regards the issues of insecurity bedeviling the Nation.

Honorable Mahmoud said it’s a rare privilege for everything Muslim have to participate in the coming Holy exercise where God’s mercies abound to speedily answer all prayers request.

He called that the prayers for the country become paramount considering the devastating effect of insecurity committed by all lawlessness kind of people.

Yunusa who is from Adamawa Northern Senatorial District said the zone at one time was under the siege of Boko Haram, but the prayers of Nigerians and concerted efforts made by President Muhammadu Buhari their activities have long ago halted down.

He however worried that other parts of the country are still suffering from other related crimes against humanity by either bandit, kidnapping for ransom, and cattle rustling becoming an ideal daily routine business.

According to him, it’s only the prayers of the compatriots who believe in the Nigerian dreams, agitations of dividing the country by unpatriotic Nigerians are serious threats that need urgent prayers.

“God has availed us an opportunity to come close to him, to pray for our nation because I believe in this month of Ramadan there is an instantaneous answer to prayers.

” The Fasting period is coming soon, a time the gates of hell shall be close and doors and windows of God’s mercies will be wide open. Please lets us pray for the peace and unity of our dear nation.” Sali said.

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