Trace Reporters –The India Deputy High Commissioner in Nigeria and Head of Chancery, Shri Surendra has said that the Sharda University Alumni in Nigeria would help to strengthen the bilateral relations between India and Nigeria.

Shri Surendra stated this yesterday during the Sharda Alumni Reunion meeting held in Abuja.

According to him, the reuniting and rejuvenating the connection and relations between Sharda University and the Alma mater is a lifelong bond as a family, which resonate with the Indian ethos of “VASUDHAIVA KUTAMBAKAM” that means the world is one family.

He stressed that strengthening the connection between India & Nigeria more into bilateral relations through the Alma Mater as brand ambassadors of both the nations.

“This cooperation can better be sustain and support by our own by including Nigerian students and educational consultants, the Indian universities and the high commission by appreciating the expectations of each other.

“It is very important that we gather Nigerian students for the benefits of education requirements of studying in India.

“Sharda University, one of the top rated multi-disciplinary universities in India having over 2100 international students over 85 countries,”he said.

In his remarks the Director of Programme Planning of National University Commission, Dr Lawal Mohammed Faruk said that despite the universities we have Nigerians like to travel either to go and have experience or to be expose and that create cultural bilateral relations.

That is why we the NUC we always tell them that when you go make sure of that because when you come back shows what you study.

So for us in NUC we do not have problem with that.

In our country today we have challenges but inside challenges there is always and opportunity.

The Chairman Gadawur Global Investment Ltd, Alhaji Suleman Adamu said that there is need for us to sponsor our brothers and sisters in education. It is not necessary that the person must come from your family.

According to him, it is not that you are proud or you are expecting something from that person. So if you are opportune please just do.

Education is the most important thing in life especially the girl child and if you know what you study you must be relevant.

The Project Director, Zamfara State Scholarship Board, Alhaji Musa Zazuli said that NUC cannot absorb the numbers of students sitting for JAMB every year. So if the NUC to look into their rules and regulations of establishing a university it will help matters most especially in one area that before somebody will set a university, you must have a land of one hundred hectares.

“NUC please allow anybody who want to come and set a university in Nigeria to do so because if you said for instance some body yo get a land of one hundred hectares here in Abuja it is impossible because the land in Abuja is very few. So NUC should look into that and allow foreign investors who want to come establish a university in Nigeria should come and do so,” Alhaji Musa said.

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