The Executive Governor of Taraba State, HE Arch Ishaku Darius

The people of Gashaka/Kurmi/Sardauna Federal Constituency said a faceless group under the umbrella of The Concerned Citizens Forum (TCCF) believe to be a group of charlatans posed as messengers of Ishaku Darius, Taraba State Governor has been on a mission for the past weeks attacking their Representative Lawmaker in the National Assembly, Hon David Abel Fuoh accusing him of misappropriating State Polytechnic funds while a Bursar.

Mr. Amos Kiam and Hassan Mai’idanu sent a rejoinder to this medium and said their reply became necessary to clearly and to put some foul records straight as claimed by the sponsored group.

According to them, the group’s claimed in a report published by an online medium as thus: “Taraba State Polytechnic: Group Accuses Federal Lawmaker Of misappropriating Funds”, accusing the lawmaker of “attempting to sweep allegations of corruption against him under the carpet.”

TCCF in their story said Fuoh was accused of siphoning hundreds of millions earmarked for the development of the Taraba State Polytechnic between 2015 and 2019 as bursar of the institution.

Mr. Amos and Hassan in their reply lamented that the publication made on a charade online platforms where Darius and his collaborators sponsored is a deliberate effort to tarnish the good name of the most performing Lawmaker and this will never see the light of the day.

The duo constituents said they have been disappointed by Governor Darius’ Sense of leadership with who should know better how the law operates.

Amos an indigene of Sardauna co-signed the rejoinder while extolling the performance of Honourable David said the group has presented fact-less allegations and is pre-empting the matter under litigation and still pending in court.

“The matter was still a subject of litigation pending before a court of competent jurisdiction when the Governor and his agents rushed into publishing the “panel’s findings”.

“The Governor and his agents must have calculated that they could not win in court under the circumstances of their illegal procedures and decided to play the lawless, at least, to embarrass the Honourable Member and soil his name. This is in furtherance of the Governor’s glaringly lawless posture on many issues in Taraba State. The law is not to be observed. The courts are held in disdain and unprecedented disrespect. Indeed, the rule of law is not a term in their vocabulary. ” He said

He condemned the media outfit which is being used to propagate hate speech among the political class of Taraba, igniting a feeling of acrimony among the people of the state to see themselves as enemies.

The rejoinder said Fuoh has never been invited by any committee of inquiry to investigate him while a Bursar of the state Polytechnic.

“For you to know that the committee set by Darius is a kangaroo one and the investigation is a clear means to witch Hunt an innocent Man over baseless issues bothering on politics, they are still using an address less group to further expose their irresponsible attitudes.

This so call group should know that:

“The report is a five years report, yet the bursar of those years was only presented as Fuoh. It became clear that Fuoh was their main target and any other was a by-the-way victim.

“This is a fundamentally disgusting travesty of justice. A panel set up to try or probe you does not invite you to its sittings to hear your side or receive your presentation on the issues involved and rushes ahead in five days (at the speed of light!) to conclude that it had investigated all five years of the institution’s affairs and found you guilty? Unheard of in our laws.

“I think the Governor should settle down and work for the people of Taraba not to waste his time on a needless matter that is not the paining issue for the state. We are yearning for development, no peace in many parts of the State, workers’ Salaries are rarely paid our State is almost becoming lawless because of his attitude towards governance.” The rejoinder stated

Hassan also signed the rejoinder who is from Gashaka said that it is practically impossible for any committee to within one week sits to review the State Polytechnic transaction and all dealings of five years.

They countered the group’s views that David served the institution as Bursar for three Years, but their agenda to call a kettle a pot has positioned them, enemies of Fuoh, as he has never been the Polytechnic Bursar for five years as their report stated.

“It is practically impossible for a committee to review a Polytechnic’s five years of transaction in one week. However, having had its “findings and conclusions” even before commencing sitting, it was obvious that the Panel could even have given its report on its first day of sitting. After all, the pre-fabricated report was in hand before the idea of the panel came up. The only purpose was the smear that must be placed on the good name of the Honourable Member, House of Representatives.

“May it interest them to know that our Representative Lawmaker is not the Accounting officer, he can only receive directives from the accounting officer to act on or not to act on any memo.” They said

In their rejoinder reiterated that the federal Lawmaker is doing well in his representation mandate elected by the good people of their area and he should be given a breathing space to do more.

” No matter what we are behind him, and we will ever support him to do more for our people. In this witch-hunting wild project the Governor and his Men set against our people, we are watching with keen interest, with an eagle eye watch to see how things will unfold.” Hassan Said

They further said in their counter reply that the publication of millions of Naira at Taraba poly was a mere ploy to tarnish fuoh’s unbeatable records of achievements.

“We re-state clearly and unhesitatingly that the farcical “probe” of Taraba Polytechnic was a smokescreen of plots and intrigues aimed at tarnishing the astronomically good works and image of our Honourable Member, Gashaka/Kurmi/Sardauna in the National Assembly, David Abel Fuoh, as a fallout of Taraba’s currently debilitating political disunity imposed on the State by the divisive actions and words of the Governor. Using unproductive groups of people as TCCF are thugs that don’t have what it takes to say something reasonable for public consumption.

“The purported investigation of Taraba Poly was a veiled, yet exposed, “investigation” of our indefatigable and hard-working Representatives merely for character assassination.” He added

The rejoinder continued to say that:

“Worst of all, the Governor lacked the constitutional powers to constitute such a panel. Yet he went ahead to do it and rushed on the panel to finish its mandate in a flash while the matter was sub judice.

“The composition of the Panel was also a glaring pointer to the Governor’s intention of bias, witch-hunt, and abuse of power.

“We the people of Gashaka/Kurmi/Sardauna Federal Constituency are not convinced, and will not be convinced that the Governor had a sincere interest in justice unless he can show:

“That the case was never pending before the court when he and the unlawful panel rushed into their conclusions.

“That the committee invited and heard all sides in the matter before reaching decisions/conclusions

“That it was possible to rush such a huge task (five years of a polytechnic’s transactions and activities) through in just five days.

“That the Committee was within the Governor’s powers to so set up.

“That the composition of the panel was just, fair, and neutral.

“As a law abiding constituents of the Gashaka/Kurmi/Sardauna Federal Constituency, we demand answers and clarity on these questions otherwise we will be left with no option than to believe that there’s no fairness in the leadership of Governor Darius, leading the state with widespread of confusion, hate, disunity and unnecessary conflicts among the people of this formerly united and peaceful state.”

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