Don't Allow Toxic Politics To Divide Us; Bauchi Governor Tells Dogara’s Loyalists

Trace Reporters  –Bala Abdulkadri Mohammed, Bauchi State governor had on Monday, cautioned politicians loyal to the former speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara not to allow toxic utterances and “opportunistic politicians” to divide them on the basis of religion and tribe.

Governor Mohammed who stated this in Bogoro local government area of Bauchi State on Monday, during an inspection visit of Boi-Tapshim road project, added toxic political atmosphere was capable of jeopardizing development.

It would be recalled that the governor had broken ties with his long-term political friend Yakubu Dogara where the latter accused the former of corruption and nepotism.

Governor Mohammed said he was in the local government to monitor and inspect ongoing projects, which he says was necessary to ensure prudence and quality.

He said that his administration will not take responsibility and trust bestowed on the government lightly.

“When I was in Tapshim during the electioneering, I was told that there was no single government project in Tapshi. It is a very big town and the people have been contributing positively to the growth and development of Bauchi State in terms of human capital, yet they are marginalized by the majority of people of Bauchi State.

So, I felt, I should do this project to show them inclusion, to respect them and appreciate the votes they gave to the PDP.”, Governor Mohammed said.

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