Former Commissioner of Agriculture in Adamawa state, Hon (Mrs) Patricia Yakubu

…..Urging all well-meaning Nigerians to join the fight against all kind of crime

Trace Reporters –With much concern about the deteriorating state of security in Nigeria, a business tycoon and a former commissioner of Agriculture in Adamawa state, Hon (Mrs) Patricia Yakubu said the issue of insecurity as a plaque disturbing the nation is not the fault of All Progressives Congress (APC) as a party.

According to her, there has been a serious security threat before the formation of the APC party, a challenge every government that came to be has its share and the brunts of different types of insecurity.

She said the point in question it’s a wide world problem and every country is having their various forms of insecurity contending with at one point or the other.

“Crime is a crime, nobody will wish his country or the world at large to be embroiled into security threats, but being the largest populated country in Africa because of the economic potentials, the influx of people around the world looking for greener pastures and survival is no doubt contributing to the security issues we are facing in the country.

” I want to categorically say that it is not the fault of APC as a party that insecurity is bedeviling the country, but it is phenomenal and this requires everybody’s contribution to be able to tackle it wholely.

“I’m praying and urging every good Nigeria to come together and contribute our little quarter in making sure the country is safe for me and you, for our generation yet unborn having in mind that will attract foreign investors.

” There are so many channels that one can come in with an idea, advice to what will be a solution to our problems,” Yakubu said

She attributed the high level of insecurity to the overgrowth of the country’s population, bearing in mind that the country is not experiencing this kind of security threat when the population is not up to two hundred million people some years ago.

Yakubu, a widely traveled woman politician presenting papers on Agriculture around the world however said that Nigeria is the fourth largest country in the world in terms of human capital, making it a country with big business opportunities if it is well harnessed.

Recall Patricia recently dumped All Democratic Congress (ADC) and joined APC said since nineteen ninety-nine (1999) she has been in PDP until 2015 she left because of unfair treatment by the party made her leave.

She said that APC’s principles and manifestoes were some of the reasons that made her change her political line of thought from ADC.

She continued to say that despite all odds, APC is a party one can believe and trust in because of its people-focused and mandate to work for the common good of all, especially people in the grassroots and less privileged.

Patricia who contested for the senatorial seat to represent the Adamawa Southern zone and lost in 2015 Stated her reasons for leaving ADC to APC as the latter is a formidable party across the country, especially in Adamawa state.

She is confident that the APC is stronger in Adamawa considering the timber, caliber, and even ” the Iroko threes” political personalities in the party make it quite glaring and certain the party is what it is to beat in 2023.

She however said joining the APC party is not contesting any position is her priority as she is not yet convince in that regard, but her mission is to take back power from PDP to APC by joining hands with other political brethren.

“The essence of joining APC is not to contest any election but joining other politicians in the state, with their wealth of experience and connection I know we will certainly take back power in 2023.” She said.

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