Trace Reporters –It is high time Nigerian Governors ceased condoling the obvious incapability of the Federal Government to protect the lives and property of Nigerians in the name of party loyalty or any primordial sentiment and start taking bold steps towards securing the lives of their citizens who are being kidnapped, raped, maimed or killed on daily bases by the marauding Fulani Herdsmen who are mostly foreigners.

The Governors must remind themselves that the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as Amended) which makes security and welfare of the people the primary purpose of their governments also made them the Chief security officers of their various states with Mr president being the Chief Security Officer of the Federal Capital Territory only makes them accountable for security lapses suffered by their subjects in their various states.
The mandate given the Governors as the Chief Security Officers by the Constitution is also the reason every State Governor is provided with security votes in their state annual budgets.

It will therefore amount to weakness and dereliction of duty for the state Governors as heads of the co- federating units (the states) in the Nigerian Federation to be waiting or relying on the Federal institutions endlessly to secure their subjects. The states are not appendages of the Federal Executive Council and have no reasons to be waiting for directives or permission from Abuja before executing policies that will make them perform their constitutional duties as the the Chief Security officers of their various States.

On this note, the state Governors are advised as stakeholders in the Nigerian Federation to amongst other things take the following steps:

1. Identify appropriate federal actions constitutionally allocated to Mr President and seek a mandamus to compel him to act where dialogue fails including the replacement of the Service Chiefs of the Armed forces of the Federation as being demanded by Nigerians.

2. The state Governors are further advised to set up not only their state security outfits, but set up Ministries of Internal security and Conflict Resolution backed by law to monitor the activities of aliens in their domains and cater for the general security of lives and property of their citizens, in collaboration with the existing federal security outfits where necessary.

3. All states should pass the anti open grazing laws in their States to eliminate the incessant Farmers and Herders conflicts particularly which is already causing food insecurity in the entire country.

4. The Governors’ forum should set up an investigative panel to investigate among other things the following:

a) Identify what is responsible for the unrestrained influx of foreign bandits/herdsmen as confirmed by Mr presidents himself in to Nigeria in the last 6 or 7 years.

b.) Who are the links, agents and beneficiaries of the coming and settlement of the foreign bandits/herdsmen in Nigerian forest reserves?

c. Identity groups and individuals conspiring and shielding the bandits from arrests and prosecution within and outside the governments such that “calls from the above” are said to often direct the release of the bandits when arrested in any part of the country and for what reasons.

d. Find out why there has not been any visible or land mark deployment of effective Arms and Technologies to end the reign of terror by the bandits and insurgents in the entire country by the Federal Government even when many are available in the global market at affordable costs?

e. Expose and ensure the prosecution of all those found culpable from the report of the proposed investigation.

f. Encourage the participation of the locals in securing the their communities within the bound of law and protect them from intimidation or harassment by any security outfit.

g. Appointment and removal of leaders of non native ethnic nationalities should be brought under the control of the local authorities of where they are settled such that any ethnic leader who is found to be aiding criminality amongst his people can be replaced.

Meanwhile, while the few state Governors who have taken bold steps by setting up their local security outfits and passing the anti open grazing bills deserve commendations, all the Governors are enjoined to unite and save the country from total collapse as it has become obvious that the Federal Executive Council is stuck and can not move further, this is urgent.

Once again, Save Nigeria, State Governors!

Alfa Mohammed
National Publicity Secretary

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