Photo of Goverrnor Zulum in Bama

… Bans political thuggery

… Warns politicians breeding thugs

Trace Reporters –Borno State Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum has flagged off a second phase of economic support for small and medium enterprises in three local government areas.

A total of N1b naira was set aside for disbursement to about 5,000 entrepreneurs from six local governments of Biu, Gowza, Ngala, Monguno, Mobbar and Maiduguri Metropolitan Council.

Over 80 commercial vehicles and Keke Napep was also distributed to different beneficiaries to support their sources of livelihood.

In December 2019, N384m was distributed to empower street beggars while in January 2020, N515m was disbursed in ‘cash for work’ programme in which 2,862 members “Ecomog”, an outlawed political political thuggery group, were paid N30,000 each month for a half of the year. The youths received payments for cleaning the streets. While in December 2020, N154m was disbursed to various entrepreneurs within Maiduguri.

While making a remark, Zulum charged the beneficiaries to make proper use of the empowerment package distributed.

In another development, Governor Babagana Umara Zulum has extended his banned on political thuggery to Biu. The governor directed security agencies to arrest anyone parading his or herself as political thug to terrorize citizens.

“The Commissioner of Police, the Director SSS, and all the security establishment are hereby directed to arrest anyone that paraded himself as ECOMOG as from 6:00 am tomorrow.”

He also said, “any politician who is sponsoring such thugs shall be dealt with accordingly.” Zulum said.

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