Trace Reporters –The Coalition of Nothern Youths Parliament, (NYP) has called on President Muhammadu Buhari and other authorities, to come to their aid and save them from any form of intimidation, capable of projecting the image of Lere Federal constituency into bad light.

NYP made the call while briefing Journalists on Thursday at the NUJ Secretariat, Kaduna through its Speaker, Comrade Jabir Aminu Maiturare, said the mandate of the people is about to be stolen.

According to them, Honourable Lawal Muhammad Rabi’u of The People Democratic Party, (PDP) is the duly elected representative of the constituency, said the motion raised earlier by the members of the All progressive Congress, (APC) to install Engr. Sulaiman Lere of their Party is totally uncalled for, stressed that there is a standing law in the house that “when a case is in court, no swearing in should take place until the court finally decide.”

The concerned group further claimed that Engr. Suleiman Aliyu of APC did not participate in the 2019 general election and that the APC is also aware, noted that Engr. Suleiman Aliyu also testify that he did not participate and the Independence National Electoral Commission (INEC) is aware.

“It is very clear that Engr. Suleiman Aliyu of APC did not participate in the 2019 general election, which the APC is also aware(APC Sponsors ENGR AHMED MUNNIR), Engr. Suleiman Aliyu also testify that he did not participate and the Independence National Electoral Commission (INEC) are aware of this too.

“We wonder why and how the COURT OF APPEAL IN KADUNA wants to impose someone ,who did not participated fully in all the stages of the 2019 general election to the good people of Lere Federal constituency and also after 182 days of the last judgments. We all know that appeal have it stipulated time (election tribunal cases have 60 days) and ordinary case (14 days). ” The statement said.

The group further emphasized that their attention were drawn to a call giving the honourable Speaker an untimatum to install Engr. Suleiman Lere of the APC said, the call is unpatriotic and should be ignored.

They noted that, Honourable Femi Gbajamiala is not only a politician but a highly respected lawyer who walks within the frame work of the Law.

“Last week few selfish, unprofessional, unpatriotic, corrupted, and undemocratic people claiming to be representing the voice of Lere Federal Constituency People, and also went on with disrespecting Nigerian honourable members and continue with disrespecting and calling on the speaker of the national assembly to act on their personal favour and interest, despite the fact both parties are still in the courts.

“We want to categorically inform this unpatriotic people that the RT. Hon. Speaker (Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila) is a honourable member and a highly respected citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria, a lawyer and the speaker of the 9th assembly, as a lawmaker, he ensure justice, fairness and equal representation of the masses, not only the people of his constituency but the nation at large. They added.

Recall that a group had called on the honourable Speaker of the house of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajamiala, demanding that Engineer Sulaiman Lere of APC be sworn in as their duly Representative for the constituency, vowed to take over the house by force if the Hon. Speaker refused to comply.

Nothern Youths Parliament, said the call is unpatriotic and should be treated as a wasted effort, said if the call is heed, can cause a serious constitutional problem, unrest issues and the future of Nigeria political system and the next generation would be at risk.

They called on the appropriate authorities to as a matter of urgency, protect their mandate and save their constituency from any form of National embarrassment.

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