Governor Bello of Kogi State

Trace Reporters –The approach by Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi state in the fight against Corona Virus, especially the No-Lockdown Policy and the open economic activities has yielded another result in the recently released statistical report of states with reduced domestic debts for 2020.

Having reduced it’s local debt profile by over N59.15billion, Kogi has emerged the number one state with reduced domestic debts in the country according to a report by statistics collected from documents of the Debt Management Office, and wildly reported on national media.

The report showed Kogi state leading other States like Katsina, the FCT, Edo, Ekiti Kaduna, Imo, which also reduced their respective debt profile as reported by the Debt Management Office.

Kogi has also emerged state with the highest foreign direct investments (FDI) worth over $1billion in Nigeria according to the Nigerian Investments Promotion Commission (NIPC).

These feats have also been attributed to the sound financial management of the Governor whom has demonstrated an intelligent approach in handling the state debt profile which he met at a dissatisfying state.

The refusal of the Kogi state Governor to lockdown the economy while every other state was down, the security situation of the state which has improved majorly to be among the most secured state in Nigeria and likened to Yahaya Bello’s support to security agencies, empowerment of local vigilante, use of Intel report, provision of vehicles and building of security outfits across the state has also been attributed to these feats.

The Governor’s support to women and youth in Governance have as well contributed to the high ranking profile of the state today.

It can also be recalled that Kogi State Government was a beneficiary of the World Bank grant component of the World-Bank Assisted States Fiscal Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability (SFTAS).

Governor Yahaya Bello has pledged his commitment to continue to implement realistic financial policies that would guarantee prosperity for its people while it remained prudent and transparent in it’s financial activities and engagements.

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